Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 20 October 2019


I hope everyone has a wonderful week. 

OG: I left a couple of posts for you on the old thread. 

  • Diane: Thank you.  

    I too have been puttering around the web for OG's jigsaw osprey but nothing close to what she has. :-(

    My daughter bought a great all-purpose comfy dress at a Native American Powwow some years back and has been wanting to replace it but we've no idea who created or sold it.  

    My good idea to extend the brick patio wasn't such a good idea when I woke up around 2 a.m. and realized that covering the area around the Western Redbud would cut off the water supply to the roots and possibly damage the tree.  We're not willing to risk that, so back to Square 2.

    Hope everyone dealing with docs of all kinds have good outcomes.and that everyone else has a good week.  

  • Morning all

    Like others,I  have been searching Web for OG, if no luck on Osprey chat,

    If I recall OG said was made by Farmer,Maybe trying to contact the Local 'Farmer Market' organisers for the area.

    HERE   is one suggestion for Dumfries/Galloway. am sure there would be other areas.


    May be also the local Wood Turners, could help

    Truly hope there will be a success in repairing such a treasured item.


  • Good Morning. Bright sunshine here.

    How kind of so many of you to try and help OG. I looked back at the photo of the osprey ornament today and wondered if it could not be mounted, perhaps inside a frame, to put on the wall instead?

    We're hoping to go out with Bonnie for a walk, and enjoy some fresh air this morning.
  • LINDY Sorry you have been stressed recently. Hopefully nice long walks with Bonnie will help.....so long as she behaves herself.

    We met with a schoolfriend and her husband last Monday. They live more than 3 hours away so we don't see them often, in fact the last time was Mums funeral in June. We all enjoyed a leisurely walk round Loch an Eilein before having lunch. Tomorrow another schoolfriend who lives in Fochabers is coming here for lunch and we haven't see her for a few months. She is off trekking in Nepal in a weeks time. She has much more get up and go than me!!!
  • Enjoyed our walk -- met joggers, walkers, dawdlers, runners, cyclists and horse riders! Bonnie had a wonderful time snuffling around and here she is running past me....

    so fast she made a galloping noise!

  • I am quite overwhelmed by everyone's efforts to try to find my Osprey maker! I really should contact the D&G Farmers Markets to find out if anyone knows him. I also had the same thought as Linda's suggestion - to mount it in a 3D frame and hang it on the wall! That way, it wouldn't get knocked over again! Thank you all so much!

    OH and I both went to church this morning. The service was quite muddled - one person was on the rota to lead and preach but had to be away down south. He had left an outline of several ideas for the worship group, and one poor lady volunteered to be up front. She had difficulty fitting it all together and would have preferred to do it all from her own ideas but had no time, having grandchildren at home for the October holiday. Another lady had been given something to read but it was the wrong piece of paper, and I sat there feeling so sorry for the lady leading. I told her afterwards that she had completed the task she was given and she needed to leave it for God to make of it what he would in the members of the congregation - and we did get to sing some good rousing songs!

    It is a dry day again, but OH is busy in the kitchen, and I have the Church Magazine typing to do - how has the end of the month crept up again so soon?
  • Thanks, DIANE, for another new thread, and for the messages.

    ANNETTE - sorry your Daughter can't find a replacement for her unique dress. Do you have a photo of it - the design might be specific to Native Americans in a particular area. Sorry the patio idea is a non-starter for practical reasons.

    SUNNY KATE - thanks for you suggestion - I really must try the Farmers' Market people - I used to know the lady in charge but she retired, however there might still be someone around who knows the craftsman I am seeking!

    DIBnLIB - how lovely that you are still in touch with school friends and they can visit your lovely area with you. Your friend who lives in Fochabers is certainly very adventurous!

    LINDA - glad you had your enjoyable walk with Bonnie - looks as if she was moving very fast!
  • Evening all:  Very quiet on here today.

    OG:  My daughter's dress wasn't specific to any Native American group; just a loose comfy dress with a couple of all-purpose native symbols.   I missed the local Powwow where she bought it because I was in Arizona at the time - next year maybe.  Too bad about the muddled service. I bet the ladies were glad when it was over.

    Lindybird: I liked the photo of the path with the puddles and the trees and Bonnie zooming by - I could almost smell the earth, leaves, etc.   It was too warm here today.  

    Went to Target's Grand Opening (drum roll) and walked every aisle of the store; bought a few essentials (always cheaper there), then went across the parking lot to the Farmers' Market and the nearby local supermarket for some basic food items and then home.  Don't ask me where the month has gone!

    Hi to dibnlib and SunnyKate!

    Have a good Monday everyone.

  • Good Morning. Dry but cloudy here, today.

    Hope that AQ got off for her trip alright (I think it was yesterday - but then, that's today, here......) Nice to hear from SunnyKate. Dibnlib, you sound as if you enjoyed your school friend's visit, and now you're seeing another! I lost touch with all of mine many moons ago.

    Annette, glad you have one of the shops you prefer, open near you. It does make a difference when you can pop in for things. OG, I too feel sorry for the ladies trying to hold the church service together, there's more to it than it appears.

    I'm going to do various bits and bobs today, including altering some trousers I bought which I like but which are too long. Also have stuff in the ironing basket again. Presents to wrap for little Matthew who is going to be 5 soon, and we're going down to see them all on Sunday, so of course looking forward to that.
  • Annette, indeed, it was a lovely, very English day. The leaves were just turning and indeed there were many muddy puddles. Here is my OH rewarding Bonnie for returning when called (she only does as she's told if it suits her...).