Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 29 September 2019


Everyone have a great week!

  • Thank you DIANE, I hope your week is great too.

    Lovely sunny spring day here, still chilly nights though. I am just getting used to early morning light and, darn it, we have daylight saving next Sunday.

  • Thank you from Arizona Diane!

    Lovely sunny fall day here, with chilly nights. Very busy today and tomorrow too by the looks of it.

    Have a good Sunday all.
  • Wet day here -after a lovely afternoon on Saturday.

    Thanks to DIANE, and greetings to all the night shift - like old times!
  • Good Morning, and thank you to Diane once again.

    Dry here but a wet day predicted. We intend to do indoor things!

  • Good Morning. Rain today, and rain yesterday, but we needed it.

    Thank you Diane for the usual cheery start.

    Our daughter is coming over today.
  • The rain began at 12 noon, and now its bucketing down. Been putting things back in the finished back porch, and checking the internet.

    My OH has found things which need throwing out, in the garage. A trip to the local tip may be on the cards!

    Found we had won something on our Euromillions ticket - when I went to claim it, it was the huge sum of £3.80. I bought another ticket with it, for this Tuesday. You never know!

    Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday.

  • LINDA - congratulations on the "big win"! How good that your OH identifies things to throw out - mine is a hoarder so it all "might be useful one day".

    We are also doing indoor things - in particular just making bookings to stay in Manchester for J's surgery. He went to his church this morning, but we didn't - just too wet for me to get to the car. J thinks he will return to work for one week before the two week October holiday; he would then have one week back at work before being signed off again - for probably two weeks!
  • Hallo all: Daughter and G/daughter off to Las Vegas. I took Ms. D to church this morning and fumbled my way through the Mass without embarrassing her too much. I last attended regularly sometime back in the 1960s when everything was in Latin. Church was jammed packed with all ages. Ms. D is in one of two catechism classes the church holds and there are 32 kids in her "under 12" class alone. This afternoon we're being more temporal and going to see Dora and the Lost City of Gold, then home to feed horses, dog, bunny and ourselves and get her scrubbed down for school tomorrow before I pour a glass of wine for myself. Some pesky Trump supporter has parked himself and all kinds of 2020 banners and photos of the Orange Menace on a spare lot off the highway. Will try to avoid running over him en route to the movies. :-)
  • I hope you enjoy that glass of wine Annette. It sounds as if you deserve it!

    Lindy - Last week I won £40 on a scratch card. I have never won more than £2 before. Like you, I spend the £1/£2 wins on more cards. Not the big one, though! Good luck on Tuesday.

    Had a good day with daughter. She helped me sort my phone out, which I was incapable of doing.
  • Well done to Annette, on both counts of church going and also coping with Miss D and the menagerie. Enjoy your wine!

    OG - My OH is an ardent 'thrower outer" and I'm the dreadful hoarder. Have had to steel myself to sort out the porch, as far too many things in there. Mind you, a lot of them have been reassigned, as garden string should be in the tool shed outside, for instance. A lovely woven wicker umbrella stand had to be scrapped as the bottom had got damp somehow (? How? - the porch is dry!) and the bottom had fallen out of it. Have now put all the walking sticks & umbrellas in an old kitchen bin which was in a corner of the garage, full of dog blankets which are never used. Have too many pots for indoor plants "just in case" I might need the size, and some old doggie toys can be shared with another dog somewhere as Bonnie has outgrown most of them.

    Well done, Rosy, on your nice £40 win. Hope you treated yourself to something. Spookily, we also won a free go on the Lotto as we got two numbers on there, too. We have a permanent set of numbers entered in that, for Saturdays. Well done, too, on getting your phone sorted. I do miss my sons when I struggle with these things, but they both live too far from us.