Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 8 September 2019

  • Good morning - sunny Saturday.

    LINDA - I see we have returned to large photo format - lovely beaches on Anglesey. Nice for Bonnie that she made friends to race around with - hope she didn't need a bath to get rid of seawater.

    ANNETTE - I assumed Lynette's Eden Valley trip is to the one in Cumbria, since she mentioned a possible day in the Lake District.

    DIANE - I was up at the right time this morning but didn't notice the moon! Seems strange to have a micro moon straight after a super moon.

    J is off to Carlisle - taking his leather jacket for specialist cleaning. He's missed his usual train, but set off to the station to be ready for the next one. OH will be gardening this afternoon, but I think we shall need jackets on.
  • I’m home. Silo art, sea lions, stained glass. Cliffs, coasts, churches. Murals, museums, monoliths. Off to bed.
  • AQ: Sounds like a nice mix.

    Lindybird: So - a new iPhone? Those pix are impressive.

    OG: Thanks for keeping tabs on Lynette - I obviously missed a lot.

    Hot again here, but should cool down tomorrow.
  • Well it has been a morning that I thought would never come. This morning I have tonight’s supper all set up in the steamer ready to go. More importantly I have managed to seriously cut back a rather large rosemary bush so I can now see back properly when reversing into the drive, something I have never been able to contemplate doing before. I was just affected by minor asthma problems. Day 7 of being free from statin withdrawal symptoms a complete success!
  • AQ -- Sounds good - looking forward to hearing all about it!

    Annette - Not an iPhone but a good model of Samsung Galaxy, which my son has, and as he's a techie person and he has one, that's good enough for me, I thought.

    Another sunny day here today, although not as hot as other parts of the UK, I think. We went out for food supplies and then went for a walk on a coastal path. We saw lots of blackberries, which we sampled, and other fruits of autumn.

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    And there were sailboats on the Straits --

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    Lots of pretty, small butterflies were flitting around, too quick for me. But I did manage a pic or 2 of this larger one:

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    Another  ---  

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    We saw a lovely butterfly in our garden just before we left and I later identified it as a Painted Lady, which I read in the press has been unusually plentiful this year - they're comparatively rare as they're migratory.

  • FB --- That's wonderful news. You must feel like a new man!