Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 8 September 2019

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    We've been to Anglesey, to an area called Newborough. It has a big coastline, backed by a pine tree forest.

  • The whole area was declared a reserve, way back in 1955, and it has red squirrels in the forest, which was grown between 1947 and 1965, to provide forestry & logging jobs for local people.

    The beach is long and of golden sand, which we can see from our own bit of the coast when we're on the mainland!

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    We deliberately waited for it to be 'out of season' so it would be quieter. There were still quite a few people there, and most of them had dogs!

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    Bonnie ran about, and was pleased to meet a couple with two Springer Spaniels, who of course wanted to play. They were rushing into the sea, so I said, "She doesn't like to swim". However, she got carried away chasing them both and in no time they were all in the water. She did try to entice them out, and they ran around in the shallows until we had to say we were going.

    Then we had an ice cream in the car park, and walked in the woods --

    Beautifully quiet, although we saw no squirrels, red or otherwise.

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    My next two pics wont post, but I see that the previous ones have all come out large.
  • Absolutely gorgeous pix Lindybird.

    Where did Lynette go? There are many Eden Valleys....

    Hot here today. :-(
  • Have a wonderful holiday, Lynette! 

    Beautiful photos, Lindy! 

    Everyone: Happy Harvest Moon. The moon turns full at 9:33 p.m. tonight in California and 5:33 a.m. in the morning in the U.K. It's a so-called Micro Moon, because it occurs at apogee, when the moon is furthest from the Earth. 

  • Diane: Yes! I've been noticing the moon and there it is - so bright and almost sparkling in the dry air.

    Have a good Saturday everyone. It's going to be hot here again, so will likely hide out in the house most of the day - a good opportunity to clear my desk..
  • Good Morning. I noticed the moon last night, it was very bright.

    Annette, The photos shown yesterday were all taken with my new smartphone, so that I could put them on here: I also took a whole lot with my camera, including lots of Bonnie cavorting in the sea. But I'm very pleased with the quality of the pics from my phone, which are impressive compared to the camera ones. Sorry its so hot, there!