Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 8 September 2019

  • Oh yes - I came home having done everything I could to help with the glut of tomatoes and courgettes. Ratatouille for supper for the next few days, I think!
  • Hallo all: Busy catching up this morning, but not a lot accomplished other than organizing things so when I do catch up, I'll know where to start.

    HEATHER: Yes, slept well last night, which I typically don't do on a trip...

    LINDYBIRD: Assume you're at the caravan; hope no noisy neighbors this time!

    Just finished reading Ruth Ware's new book, The Turn of the Key and really get absorbed by it. Also just finished Cave of Bones by Anne Hillerman (she's the daughter of Tony Hillerman who wrote mystery stories set on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona). She's one of the more successful family members who picked up where relative left off. I love her descriptions of the Southwest...   I'm clearly on a retreat from non-fiction right now....

    Tx all for news.

  • In reply to Heather B:

    Heather B said:
    Enjoy your weekend, LINDY. I expect that you have taken home grown tomatoes with you...

    Absolutely......   And we just ate our own green beans with our M&S steak pies!  My OH gave away some tomatoes this morning, as we had too many,  and no time to deal with them.

    Bonnie has been very lively today -- half way here she started whimpering and wailing, which she doesn't usually do. Since we arrived, she's been rushing from window to window, looking at the bunnies. Now she's pestering my OH, to go out for her last stroll of the day.

  • Good Morning. The sun is out, and it looks promising. Lets hope Bonnie can get through today without needing to be washed!
  • I've been wondering about Bonnie and the bunnies.....
    Dry h ere at the moment.

  • LINDA - weather forecast looks good for Bonnie's Bunnie-watching! Have a wonderful weekend! Our runner beans have just started to improve in quantity, with courgettes and tomatoes still doing well. OH discovered a Marrow under the courgette leaves a couple of days ago - one he had missed. I couldn't be bothered to peel it and do something with it, so I sent it to the stall at the church lunch!

    HEATHER - I think you asked if I would be okay when the boys go down to Manchester on Tuesday. I shall be very sensible and not attempt anything daring, there are people whom I can phone if necessary and I have my call system for real emergencies. They won't have to go very early in the morning for 3 pm, and will be back during the evening. I shall choose myself a nice meal at M&S on Monday for dinner, and can always eat cheese at lunchtime!

    Lovely day here so far. Yesterday was horribly muddled - phones ringing all day for all three of us. J's head of department phoned to chat with him, which was encouraging, and J was able to update him . OH has gone to collect the Kia - J's is about the smallest in the range and the courtesy car was a huge gas-guzzler of a beast, so good to have it off the driveway. Cleaner was off yesterday for a "private funeral" - company boss forgot to let us know until she was nearly due, so OH had already done preparatory tidy-up! J went for a haircut in the afternoon, and today he has walked into town again for a late breakfast.

    I'm not doing much - could be doing more paper-shuffling or even filing if I put my mind to it!

  • Just been looking at Africam, love watching the wildlife of Africa.

    With those pics will love and leave you. Will try and catch up when we get back from holiday.   All, have a good weekend.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Have a great holiday, LYNETTE!

    OG - I remembered after posting, that you have an alarm call system. Cheese for lunch will be excellent! I eat cheese almost every day, just love it.

    Nothing very interesting happening here. I walked to town and bought myself a wee fillet steak and fresh bearnaise sauce, for my Sunday dinner treat. Cleaned the oven which was necessary but boring, did some washing and drying. Callum has just arrived to clean his car - hope he can be finished before dark - the days are getting shorter.
    Next door have advised me that they will be having a wedding tomorrow - barbecue and music. It won't bother me at all but nice that they told me about it!
  • LYNETTE - enjoy the holiday in the Eden Valley - whereabouts? Appleby is nice.

    HEATHER - I guessed that would be your comment on the cheese suggestion! Unusual for Callum to clean his car Friday (usually Sunday) - is he taking the girlfriend somewhere special tomorrow? Thoughtful of next door to tell you in advance about their celebration.

    OH got J's car safely home before lunchtime. J ate a pastie for lunch, despite the breakfast in town! He's gone to acoustic folk group this evening. Definitely going dark earlier - OH will have trouble picking the beans this evening - they hide well enough as it is!
  • Have a good time in a lovely part of the world, Lynette. Love the giraffes! My cousin & wife are in Namibia on holiday at the moment, and are enjoying looking at wildlife.

    Good that the car is back, OG, and all sorted. Well done on your bountiful produce this year!

    Heather, we eat cheese pretty much every day - I do try not to, as I was told that I'm borderline to having bad cholesterol, so I said to the nurse "That'll be the cheese, then!" - I promised to try and cut down, but doubt if I have. We brought some mature cheddar with us, some Double Gloucester, some Brie, and a goats cheese.

    We've had a lovely day, in more way than one. Beautiful weather, mostly sunny.