Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 8 September 2019

  • Evening all:  A good ride home; lot of traffic through LA but it moved smoothly. So nice to be back in a quieter area though.

    OG: Good that things are moving with regard to J's treatment.  :-)

    Lindybird: How frustrating about site problems.  Do hope it doesn't happen again.  :-(

    AQ: Hope you had a fab outing.  But geez - was just checking the news and see that wildfire season is well underway - awful - with 140 now burning in NSW and Queensland. And it's only just spring there....

    Soooo looking forward to flopping into my own bed tonight....

    Take care all

  • Good Morning, and welcome home to Annette.

    Dry here with wispy clouds. I've got a morning of bathroom cleaning, plus last minute prep for our going to Wales again. The weekend weather looks promising.

    My OH had to wash Bonnie last night, as he thinks she found some badger poo to roll in - there are badgers around in the countryside, here. Then this morning, he had to wash her again! He takes her for a good long walk before he goes to play golf.
  • I saw the reports of the fires in Australia - "Hotter and fiercer than ever before" - hope there is no loss of life.
  • Welcome home, ANNETTE, I bet you have enjoyed sleeping in your own bed!
    OG - Will you be OK, home alone? I'm happy that J has an appointment, though.
    LINDY - I like the sound of your new blinds.

    It is a fairly good day here, sun is out at the moment. I've been shopping, had lunch and now about to go and pull some weeds.
  • I'm back home as well, after 140 miles which included the A303 and M25 - those of you who know the South East will realise they are both frequently known as local car parks! But today I did the journey in only 20 minutes more than the SatNav said it would take. Best ever, I think. Now I'm exhausted - although it was a far easier drive than usual, it's still a long way ...
  • PAT- I'm sorry, I can't remember where you were going :-( but anyway, glad you weren't too much delayed. I remember OH speaking about the M25 as a big car park!
    My friend, who has just been on a short cruise, is sadly less than impressed. Amsterdam turned out to be Imuidjen (?spelling) with an hour's journey and the ship couldn't dock at St Peter Port, Guernsey because of weather.
  • What a shame, Heather.

    We have arrived safely, too, and Bonnie has escaped from my OH as soon as they reached the nearby beach. Thankfully, she then ran straight back here, where I was busy putting the kettle on. Its a bit grey and breezy but supposed to be sunny for the next few days, fingers crossed.

    Off to unpack.
  • Heather - I was visiting my sister and brother-in-law, and my niece and her three-year-old. Had great fun at Music with Mummy yesterday, singing children's songs, banging bits of wood and shaking tambourines. Can't wait to go again!
  • I can quite understand that, PAT!
  • In reply to Lindybird:

    Enjoy your weekend, LINDY. I expect that you have taken home grown tomatoes with you...