Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 8 September 2019


I hope everyone has a wonderful week! 

Annette: Enjoy your trip to L.A. 

  • Diane: I snuck in to see if the site was up and running - so thanks for starting yet another week.  What I don't understand is that - at least with last week's thread - once we're a few pages in, clicking on the "Latest..." it's taken me at least to the very first page of the thread.  If I click on whoever's name is shown, it takes me to their profile.  Gremlins again!  I hope they fix it.....

    Heather:  Good for you - who needs to be treated like an idiot.  I hope he picked up that you weren't thrilled with his approach (but probably not).  How many alternative options do you have?

    Rosy:  I'm seeing one friend and former colleague who moved to Kansas City some years back but wants to come back to California to be near her grandkids.  She used to have a lovely little house in a primo location but sold it when she moved to KC and now can't afford to buy anything back here.  Two other friends are from the 70s and then there are two editors at the magazine I do freelance work for - will be having lunch with them before I stop back by the office to say Hi to a couple of other folks.  Plan to be back home Wednesday afternoon or early Thursday pm in time to watch the Democratic presidential candidates debate    Hope your granddaughter adjusts okay to the new school; it may take her a while to get used to it.   A shame about the former friend who "can't be seen playing with girls" - dubious peer pressure at work there it seems.   I went to a girls-only school; all subsequent generations went to mixed schools, which I think is much better in terms of the opposite sex not being such a novelty once you're out in the world.  :-)

    Hot here today; should cool down tomorrow.  I plan to leave early and drive down the coast before the beach crowd hits the highway.  I'll stop at a couple of furniture/home stores  on my way through LA.  Our armchairs are a disaster and I'm tired of artfully arranging throws to hide the wear and tear.  But we still need to choose a new floor!

  • Thanks DIANE, I certainly will.
    I’m off tomorrow morn early for Eyre Peninsula (Port Lincoln & Streaky Bay & much more). I’m only taking an overnight bag for spare socks & undies. Weather should be good, reaching 22 C on Wed. Freezer packed with single meals (soup, pies, pasty, etc) for OH. And if he doesn’t eat them, they will be available when I return for lazy meals! Time for church now.
  • In reply to aquilareen:

    AQ: Have a safe journey and a great time!!!
  • Hey, AQ, have a good time!! (Waves madly as AQ disappears over the horizon)

    Good Morning Everyone and big thanks once again to Diane for beginning the thread.

    Sunny and bright, here. Hoping for both a restful and productive day, as yesterday -- we attacked an acer tree which I had brought here in a small tub, years ago. But it grew. And grew. Then I could hardly see over the top of it from my station at the kitchen sink, to the fields beyond our garden. The time had come for drastic measures, even though we'd been picking off the top leaves for a while. So my OH attacked with a handsaw, as I directed operations, and we took a whole third of it down, plus some off the height. Now, we still have the tree, beautiful and graceful, but its much smaller. Then we sat down to read the newspapers!
  • Thanks ANNETTE & DIANE for farewells. LINDA, no need to wave just yet – I leave very early tomorrow morn and hope to get a good night’s sleep before then. Bag packed with only last minute stuff (eyedrops, glasses) to chuck in.
  • Oh well it had to happen. Did a post this morning posted it to the thread fine. Half an hour ago checked in and it had disappeared. Needless to say I had deleted the original in LibreOffice!

    Nearly finished Sunday showers. Sunday lunch round the corner beckoning.

    Since our Cornish holiday a few weeks ago we have been cogitating on what to do as we put a lot of work on younger SD and we also limit what they can do so we have decided that it was our last holiday. The M5 also had a lot to do with the decision. Anyway we made a decision to move to a beautiful area16 years ago and love it here so its not a great hardship really. We know that because of the population increase from Easter to late autumn when the Forest shows off its colours.

    On another tack I have now acquired another problem to add to the rest! I have varicose eczema. Loads of moisturiser However the doctor recommended a product has turned out to be very good to keep it under control. Not looking forward to shopping tomorrow, the forecast looks utterly horrible and will be missing the extra bag on OS's power chair.
  • Morning all:

    Forestboar: If I understand correctly, you went to visit younger SD, but the trip was/is too hard for everyone to do it again? Glad the doc recommended a good cream for the skin issue - and hope the weather wasn't too ghastly for shopping.
  • Annette: We have been having family holidays for quite a while, but the Cornish property has a mobile hoist and it is too heavy for me to manoeuvre so SD has to do all the work for OH which is quite tiring which is why we have made the decision to finish holidays. The first post would have been clearer had it not disappeared. Also the traffic on the M5 to Cornwall is dreadful.