White Tailed Sea Eagle Translocation September 2019

  • I see it Alison, fuzzy but giving good indication of it's sheer size!


     2013 photos & vids here

    eff37 on Flickr

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    WendyBartter said:
    I see it Alison, fuzzy but giving good indication of it's sheer size!

    Therefore I couldn't resist having a go at one of the photos at least - even tho I know it's rude of me and it really needs PhotoShop.  The sight reminds me of the Bald Eagles in Florida, with Egrets in the trees:

    I wonder how much a strong enough zoom lens would cost?   We should set up a Just Giving page for you, Alison, as you are often out and about capturing real live ospreys.


  • Oops, thought I'd replied after you posted the photos, Alison--perhaps I became distracted and moved on without hitting reply--arrrgh! Yep, the bird is a bit far away, but never mind, it is still a record shot, more than nearly everyone else has managed! And the relative size difference between that large, dark bird in the upper right of your photos and all of the other birds in those trees, some of them biggish themselves, says 'that is probably an Eagle', and not one of the smaller versions of Eagle. Not to be sneezed at, and with luck, you will have more chances. Best of luck.

    Kind regards, Ann

  • That’s great, scylla, thanks! It was about half a mile away through mist and haze. And thanks Wendy and Ann for your comments. At one point there was also a Great White Egret in the same tree, plus Little Egrets and a Grey Heron, bonkers.

    I’m happy to leave the long lenses to the proper photographers as I’ve got enough other stuff to carry when I’m out and about. Plus I still don’t really get all that F stop business. The camera I have serves me very well for what I want to do, point, zoom, press and identify something. If I get a good photo occasionally, then that’s a bonus. Yesterday was about me seeing an eagle in Dorset for the first time!
  • Well done Alison! I'd say 'good ones' are the norm! Plenty of posts with your name in the credits! I also noticed your painting of CJ7 on the wall in one of the scenes in Brittany's talk on Wednesday.

    Birdies LG DU update.

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    How tragic, Korky. Rodenticides should be completely banned in my opinion!
    Thanks for sharing Roy's report.
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    I saw somewhere that the decision to close the case may be taken up in the House of Lords - unfortnately I can't remember the details.