Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 25 August 2019

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Annette: Interesting that you're just now seeing all of your hummingbirds. I wonder if you'll ever get a documented explanation of their earlier absence. Still, it must be lovely watching them now. Glad you got your connecter sorted. Nice of your neighbor.

    re: Winter. I saw a huge wolf spider indoors last week. It's very early for the wolf spiders to be moving indoors for the winter. I heard a bird in the woods last week that made a loud wailing alarm call, startled the daylights out of me. I disturbed it when I closed my car trunk/boot. It's not a bird I've heard here before, so it must be a migrating species already. The mammals all seem to be getting heavier fur, too. Very early for that. Our weather is cooling off. It's still hot by U.K. standards, but usually at this time in August, it's blistering hot here. We're already getting autumn storms. We had a really bad one last Sunday (18th) that did further damage to the roof and wall on the south side of my house--80 mile-per-hour winds, quarter-sized hail, and torrential rain. It looked like the apocalypse when it arrived. It just feels like it's going to be a hard winter.

    Lindy: Hope you've had a nice time.

    OG: My thoughts are with you. Sending you strength.
  • Good Morning. I slept well, but my OH is fuming as one of our next door neighbours have been keeping him awake at. night. The caravan has been borrowed by some friends of the owners, who have two small children. They keep the children up until nearly midnight, and then they sit out on their deck, talking, laughing and smoking. Last night they stayed there until 2.30am. Then, at 3.30am, they were up again and outside!!

  • Diane, I saw on Facebook that you've had a horrific time in the storms. I'm so sorry that you now have damage to your house to worry about, and hope it can be fixed.

  • Good morning - thank you, DIANE.
    I'm sorry about the further damage to your roof - I hope that it is watertight.

    OG - Hoping that J gets news today - this really isn't good enough. I was reading this morning that Lothian health board is having to import care/ medics from England because of huge waiting lists and so forth. I know that J is 'with' an English board at present but I don't think that things are much better down there in many places.

    I've been outside working from early morning - can't waste what may be our last completely dry day for a wee while. I can't work in the afternoon sun so mornings and evenings it is!

    LINDY - what a nuisance these people are making for everyone. So selfish.

    ANNETTE - great that your neighbour was such a star!

    Sending regards to ALL
  • Good morning - J in major melt-down - hardly surprising - so not going to work. More later.
  • Just read your post, OG. Thinking of you three x
  • Thanks, HEATHER. He's been in bed all morning, trying to escape from his thoughts, and won't get up for lunch! No post and no phonecall yet.
  • In reply to Original Goldfinch and Eagle-eye:

    OG - Could his GP get on the case?

    After all, surely his GP would want to prevent escalation of anxiety....

  • OG - It's a Bank Holiday in England today, although I know it's not in Scotland. I do so hope that elusive letter and/or phone call come soon and put all your minds at rest ...

    Hot again here. I'm still feeling 'odd' - my friend, a former nurse, thinks I am probably suffering from heatstroke from my exertions in the extreme heat on Saturday. Still a fuzzy head, no appetite, and all I want to do is sleep! I've always been fine in the sun, but this time it's really got to me ... so no bowls tis afternoon, and probably no golf tomorrow.
  • PAT - take care ! I guess that if it came on suddenly then it could well be heat that has caused it. I know that you will be drinking plenty of water....