Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 25 August 2019


I hope everyone has a wonderful, peaceful, happy week. It's almost autumn, and night is coming earlier now. I'm seeing nature signs that indicate it's going to be a harsh winter here.

  • Diane:  Thank you once again for starting us off!  What signs of winter are you seeing?  For some reason, the hummingbirds are now regular visitors to the feeders and we're also seeing the rust-colored ones for the first time this year - I'm not sure if they're Rufous or Allen's - in addition to our year-round Anna's.

    PatO:  Congrats on the good golf game, but be sure and stay hydrated during the hot spell regardless.

    Our wonderful neighbor not only had the snap ring pliers but insisted on replacing the O-rings and putting it all back together, so at least one of the hose reels is working properly. :-)  

  • Good Morning. Thanks to Diane for starting us off again. Typing this on my new phone! So no longer dependant on my tablet for access.

    A warm night but not too hot, here, after a day which flaked me out, yesterday.

  • Annette: glad you got the connector sorted out. How nice of your neighbour to help out.

  • Lindybird: I'm sure your helpful OH would have done the same. :-)
  • A sunny evening here: people are sitting out & enjoying the fact that there is no wind. We enjoyed a carvery lunch at our favourite G. Centre, and managed to get a much desired table for 2, outside. Bought a little book for Rosie to put away for Chr'mas, and treated myself to a jade coloured light sweater, which I had ogled last time we were here & regretted not buying, then.

    Also a new front door mat!!

    Just eating salad and watching some of the Proms. Can smell all the BBQs being enjoyed around us!

  • Smelled only the second BBQ of the year yesterday - thought the fashion must be dying out! More garden tidying today - slowly catching up.

    A good service at church this morning for Sea Sunday - although I think the official day was in July!. Our church is known as the Fishermen's Church and the town has huge history of seafarers and fishing in the Solway, which is actually a very dangerous stretch of water (and mud and quicksand). Some of the chairs in church were given in memory of individuals, and the one in front of OH today was actually for someone "Lost at Sea"; a family history shared by many here.

    Wondering whether J will get news tomorrow - maybe a letter if not a phone call.
  • Lindybird:   You're lucky that sweater was still there.  :-)

    OG:  Glad you made it to church today; interesting about the fishing connection.  I didn't realize the Solway was so dangerous, but I recall reports of people getting trapped by the tides around the UK back when I was growing up.  We have a very small tidal range in this immediate area.  Apparently fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations.   I remember reading Sebastian Junger's book The Perfect Storm, about the Andrea Gail, which went down off Gloucester, Massachusetts and then seeing the movie, which was pretty darn impressive.  Both were riveting.  Do hope you hear something from J's docs tomorrow.  I'd be inclined to raise hell at this point.

  • Have my fingers crossed for you for some news tomorrow, OG & Family.

  • Hi. Thanks Diane for starting us off.

    OG - How lovely to celebrate the sea with a special service. Do hope J hears soon and can put minds at rest.

    Its been a glorious day although furstrating going up to meet Dau from EM airport0. Got stuck in traffic between Lutterworth and Leicester - apparently a vehicle fire - so took us at least 20 mins to get through but made it. Dau stayed at the Travel Lodge overnight as she arrived at 1.30am. On the way home we had booked a table at a local pub we know. Dinner was OK but the puds were delicious. Celebrating OH's birthday and our WA which was yesterday.

    Annette - how lovely you are getting different varieties of humming birds visiting your feeders. I think I watched an Allens one on web cam for quite a while - they called her Phoebe, but don't think they do it any more.


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  • Lynette:  I remember Phoebe!