Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 18 August 2019

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    I use silicone spray on many connections and my window sliders, swear by it for many things that won't budge.
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    Wendy, I hope Duke will be okay!
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    OG-you and J have more patience than I. Hope promised correspondence comes very soon!
  • PAT - agree about the shock of today's increased heat - up to 28degrees in shade here in South of Scotland!

    ANNETTE - I know that when we were in England, it was obligatory to return trimmings of shrub or tree to the owner's side! I don't think that law is different in Scotland.

    Tried to help with some garden work this afternoon, but too much reaching became painful, so I watched and advised. J found it very hot in Carlisle, and walking home from the station after the train home. There was some sort of alert at Carlisle Station before he came - station had to be evacuated.

    LINDA - remembering a conversation about Buddleja season. I persuaded OH to remove dead flowers straight after early blooming when Butterflies had not appeared. Now got a mass of dainty little secondary blooms, and a lot of Butterflies with them! Painted Ladies, Red Admirals and Pearl Bordered Fritillaries. So pleased.
  • That posted..

    Been extremely hot here today. Went shopping then walked around the Marina to admire the boats. Sat indoors for most of the afternoon, as too hot to sit outside. People are still sitting outside, now!

    Wendy, sorry about poor Duke. Hope he's OK.