Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 18 August 2019

  • OG – I forgot to answer you. No, we are definitely not going do any alterations. Our house is not perfect but we are used to it.

    ANNETTE – Join me tomorrow on my first bus trip this spring? Through Truro & Blanchetown to Murbko, New Era near Cadell, Ramco, Holder, lunch in Waikerie.

    After breakfast the sky clouded over, so washing will go into garage to dry today. No rain here since last Monday; expecting showers late morning. The house over back fence is gone – it looks strange at night to see “new” street lights. Next-door renovations nearing end with front drive & new kerbing laid.

  • OG:  Huh. Well, time will tell, though it's taking an awfully long time.....

    WendyB:  What ails Duke?  If you already told us, I've obviously forgotten. :-(

    Lindybird:  Wonder what's up with the site at your end.  It's been okay here...

    OH and I have been trying on and off for days to separate a leaking leader hose from a hose reel, but the connector has 'frozen' to the connector on the reel due to mineral deposits from our very hard water.  I started with wrenches, moved on to soaking it overnight in vinegar using a craftily appropriated spice jar and picture hanging wire. Today we tried wrenches again; tonight we have dumped the vinegar and replaced it with straight CLR for an overnight soak.  We have some PB Blaster standing by, but that's mostly for rust and there's no rust; just mineral deposits.  I also need snap ring pliers for a second hose reel so I can replace the O-rings, but we every kind of plier but those (I had to Google them to see what I was looking for!).   OH put so much energy into his wrench this p.m. (I was holding the other one so part of the reel wouldn't break of) that he toppled gently backward onto a large and lovely salvia that is no longer large and lovely.  Tomorrow I will ask our neighbor who has what amounts to his own auto repair shop (for his many vehicles) if he has a pair of snap ring pliers. If not, it's off to Ace Hardware.  And to think - some people are out having fun on a Friday!  :-)

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Annette: Our water here is very, very hard, and I had this article in my "favorites." It had this list of solutions to various types of mineral deposits. I don't know if any of them will help you. 

    • Red, reddish brown (from rust or iron) – Paste of cream of tartar and water; let dry, then rinse
    • Green, blue-green stains (from copper or acid water) – Soap suds and ammonia, then rinse
    • Brown, black or others (from manganese and other minerals) – Paste made of cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide; let stand, then rinse
    • Hard-water marks, soap scum – Paste made of white vinegar and baking soda; let stand, then rinse

    Hello to everyone! 

  • DIANE: Am reading that article. Thanks a bunch. Ours ranges from the white film (minor) to hard white buildup that you can chip off (hoses). White vinegar works great with the coffee pot/kettle, etc and we've used Lemi-Shine in the dishwasher, etc,, but must try the vinegar suggestion in those. Haven't used it in OH's shower door (and never white wine as suggested - I drink that while I'm using the vinegar - haha), but he tends to dry that off anyway. I use CLR spray on difficult parts and straight CLR on really nasty stuff (hence the spice jar full of it currently hanging under the hose reel with the problem connector submerged). But oh my: Clothes look Dingy and Wear Out Fast and you get Dull, Lifeless Hair? Arghh. Some folks in the neighborhood have water filters with softeners, but they have their own downsides. I think I'm going to have to spray future connections with silicone to try to prevent such freeze-ups. A bit late but.... Anyway, stay tuned - and thanks again.
  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    LOL about the wine!
    People around here mostly use WD-40 to remove and prevent hard water deposits in toilets. I don't know whether it would help you. 

    I always keep a can of WD-40 in my toolbox. Give me a can of WD-40 and a roll of duct tape and I can fix anything. LOL!
    Here's a list of 46 uses for WD-40. 
  • DIANE: For some reason, the toilets aren't a problem, and our shower heads have those rubber tips around the holes that resist scale build-up. You can get rid of the buildup around the tips by soaking the shower head in vinegar. It really is the outside faucets/hoses that seem to have such a problem. I was reading that PB Blaster was better than WD-40; and a handyman we had fix the rollers on the sliding patio door in the Arizona house swore by Silicone Spray.
  • Neighbour out the back has had his carport and one of his sheds removed - are we going to have building noise for an extension soon, joining AQ and others?

    Already hot here this morning - J gone out - two more pages of Church newsletter completed. Now "only" got to do a tricky one which came as "the Elders wondered..." and consists in a message embedded in a message embedded in another message, in yet another message. Hey, I'm the editor not the copy writer!

    Hoping to do some gardening this afternoon - finishing jobs which were rained off before.
  • My next door neighbour was pruning the 'back side' of some of my shrubs this morning ( which my garden man could not reach). She has just thrown bits over the fence! I know that is a legal thing to do but I've got enough on my plate!!

    AQ/OG etc - Our new kitchen was completed just in time for me to be able to manoeuvre OH's wheelchair. Previously, there was a low breakfast bar and the gap between that and the rest of the kitchen wouldn't allow the chair past to access other places. I was wondering about the width of the doorways also, I chipped the paint a few times - don't have a driving licence :-)
  • Heather:  Is it legal to throw them back?  :-)  

    OG: Ah the trials of working with volunteer writers....

    After breakfast, am going out to see if the soaking in CLR has persuaded my two connectors to stop fighting me...   Meanwhile ACE Hardware has snap ring pliers on order and neighbor has  yet to emerge...

  • It's hot - hot - hot - here today! It was our annual golf game for all previous Club Captains (men's, ladies and seniors) and I played well on the front nine. But then the sun got to me - I kept going dizzy and my world had a strange yellow hue! I managed to complete the round, but my score on the back nine was ... NVG! It was a fun day, though, and always good to meet up with people you haven't seen for ages. I am now sitting in a nice cool room with the curtains drawn, and watching the test match. Why, I ask myself? Because I'm just too exhausted to press a button to change channels ...