Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 18 August 2019

  • Heather: Bummer about the boiler. Does the maintenance contract include some offset against the price of a new one?

    OG:  M&S sounds like a good short-term goal.  Our soon-to-be big new Target (yipee!) is now officially due to open mid-to-late October; they held an open hiring session at a nearby hotel for a few days this week.  OH asked if I wanted to apply. :-)  

    PatO:  The lady who runs our Tai Chi class (they must've invested very well!) takes frequent cruises with her OH and they're off on a Princess Cruise around Japan as I type.  My travel ambition at this point is to see Yosemite again and also more of the National Parks in the Western U.S.

    The tree guys have just arrived to sort out the olives....

  • Heather, Sorry about the boiler.

    20 years is good. Your water must be very soft. When we lived in Chester we had a boiler which had lasted 20 years.

    This does not happen in the Thames water area. We would never get one to last that long, as the water is very hard. I do have a water softener, which I would not be without now, having experienced naturally soft water.

    Once you can get over the initial expense of a new boiler, you may find he efficiency has improved in 20 years.
    I hope you can persuade the maintenance man to keep it going for a while longer and/or get a good deal for a new one.
  • Yes, ROSY, our water is very soft. I was very pleased with the gas man. He was an older, very experienced guy who listened to what I had to tell him and then spent one and a half hours here. He replaced a valve which was causing the trouble and had a good look at the solar system which he seemed to understand, unlike all the others who have visited. He said that my OH had explained it to him .... That wouldn't have been yesterday!
    Anyway, I'm going ahead with a new boiler. As you say, it will be more energy efficient. And as you and ANNETTE say, maybe I'll get a good deal!

  • HEATHER - sorry about the boiler, but it sounds as if it has earned its retirement - and as everyone has remarked you will find a new one so much more efficient.

    ANNETTE - pleased the tree surgeons arrived for the Olive Trees.

    J walked home this afternoon as well as to work this morning - said he felt good. He is trying to think how to combine work on Friday with receiving hospital phone call (he is officially not supposed to have the phone on in work) and practicalities decisions which will need to be made jointly with us, OH being his driver for the time being. It was dry here all day so we did our M&S food shop - only a short shopping list and I have to admit we stood (well, I sat) in the middle of the store saying "What else can we buy?". Weather forecast here looks good for remainder of this week.
  • Adding my sorrow over your old boiler, Heather. Its certainly done well for you at 20 years old. Ours is on its last legs and is about 16 years old. My OH won't replace it until it gives out, so I expect that'll be on a very cold winters day!

    We've had a busy day, moving stuff ready for the measuring man to come tomorrow for the window blinds. We need to have matching blinds in the study and the sitting room as they're the only two windows at the front of the house, as it was originally a bungalow. There's not a lot wrong with the present study blind but its a different kind, but the one in the sitting room has been more used and is falling apart.

    My OH has been out picking blackberries so that we can have blackberry & apple pie, one of his favourites.

  • Blackberry and apple pie - yum! Please send me a slice - I'll have the custard all ready.

    Have a good day, everyone. Seems as though we might actually have decent weather for the Bank Holiday weekend. Hope so - I'm playing golf on Saturday and hopefully bowls on Monday.
  • Dry here again, after yet another wet night. Mustn't complain, as Pat says, its going to be mostly dry for the next few days, which includes the Bank Holiday weekend. We are off to Wales again but not until after the funeral on Friday of my OH's cousin.

    Pat, the pie will include a good jugful of custard, as my OH wouldn't have it any other way!
  • Woken up with a clear blue sky here and on the chilly side. I guess that autumn is nigh as the rugby club pitches across the road have a thick film of dew covering them. The weekend is looking good for the Forest Faddle in Coleford on Saturday. (Before you all ask, a Forest Faddle is what we in the Forest of Dean call a get together to celebrate all things good in life in the forest.) It will be busy!

    Back to the surgery for a nurses appointment – for something different this time. I am being measured for varicose vein stockings, Doctor spotted them on a previous appointment. I am trying to find something actually works properly!!!!!!

    Younger SD coming later to give her mum a proper shower as I am just not capable enough. Then round to the pub for lunch.
  • Looking forward to the pie AND custard! FB, enjoy your pub lunch. Lots of food happening here at the moment ...
  • Hope that FB and wife are enjoying their pub lunch.

    The Man came, measured and quoted us, after showing his samples. We said Yes right away, as we just can't be bothered to go elsewhere for more quotes, which is not like us usually, but they seem to be a reputable company. The new blinds will be fitted in about three weeks. Got my OH to agree that a couple of new carpets are now needed, too! But may wait till autumn for those.

    "You can't take it with you!" says my sis-in-law, bless her!