WEEKLY CHAT (non-osprey) Sunday July 21

  • Same weather here, LINDA, but what a hot night - and apparently even hotter to come.
  • Hot here already! And I had a bad night, darn it.
  • Weather here tolerable with spits of rain.
    I'm waiting to hear if youngest son in law gets off the oil rig today - this morning's helicopter flight left albeit a bit late. His flight is at 1630 hrs. It would n't normally be of such concern but the family are booked to go for their first holiday abroad and apparently 'fog' isn't covered by their travel insurance.
  • Fingers crossed, Heather!
  • Last week a cousin of my OH went into a Hospice: she has been fighting cancer for several years, now, but maybe things are coming to an end. Another cousin went to visit yesterday, and found her struggling to speak; she will not be going home again, sadly.

    (My OH says he doesn't want to visit, he would rather remember her as in better days.)
  • ANNETTE- my Canadian family all live in Ontario, in or near Toronto.
    I'm pleased that your cactus found a good home!
    The story of the Japanese telephone box - very touching. I often speak to my late OH but it is usually along the lines of 'would you get the painter in for this or shall I just leave it for another year?'......
    LYNETTE- Enjoy your special day out, tomorrow!
    OG - ditto. I hope it won't be too muggy.
    LINDA - I can understand why your OH is reluctant to visit his cousin and would rather remember her as she was. My OH found it extremely difficult to visit his sister when she was dying. He often spoke about it and I think, regretted his infrequent visits.

    I've just heard from youngest daughter that it looks as if SiL s flight is going ahead. I know a holiday isn't so important in the scheme of things but the two girls are so excited. The rig is in the middle of nowhere north of Shetland and lots of flights have been cancelled recently, because of fog.
  • Ooh, I forgot about Annette's mention of the cactus! A happy ending to her story.

    I hope your SIL can get back so that the holiday can go ahead, Heather.

    Very warm & muggy here, so I've been sitting indoors. Will try to have a snooze before dinner to catch up on last night, as I had very little sleep.
  • Well, the Sky engineer came and fixed the problem for us - a new sky box was needed which integrates the wireless connection, the old one had an add on. Now at least if programmes clash we can tape again.
    I know if I can't sleep I come downstairs and put the tele on and watch a bit, usually falling asleep in the reclining chair. Not ideal I know but it helps.l
    Weather has been warm, cloudy, and some sun. Hope it isn't too hot whilst we're out tomorrow. Dau managed to get us seats just behind the driver so at least I can see the scenery better..

    Annette, read that you managed to give your cactus to a neighbour who could find a new home for it.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Just wrote a long reply, only to be told that I'm not signed in!! Grr.

    Good Morning. Warm already. Slept better as so tired from not sleeping last night.
  • That happens a lot to me, LINDY! I find myself signed out much more often, these days.
    I knew how tired you must have felt when you spoke about having a snooze before dinner. Glad that last night was better.
    Youngest SiL arrived home at 11 pm, daughter messaged me 'He is home!'. The three words that I'd been hoping for.