Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 14 July 2019


The full moon -- the Buck Moon -- is Tuesday. 

Sorry for starting the thread early. I got up really early to work, and I'm off to take a nap. I thought I'd go ahead and start it. Very hot here today.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

  • And you, too, Diane. Hope you're napping, now. Thanks for starting us off again. There is a bright moon here, with a twinkle below it, to the right, of Venus. Or so my OH tells me.

    We have been watching a great programme which showed the actual TV coverage of the launch of Apollo 11, 50 years ago. Very tense and very interesting. I remember I sat with my father that night, watching history being made. He loved every minute, it was as if he wished he could climb into the tv and be there on the launch pad. Great memories of our experience and also of those brave men who went.

  • Thanks DIANE. Good morning LINDA. No moon or sun here, just grey clouds. I must be off to church. Back later (I hope).
  • AQ:  You sound doubtful about your possible return.  Is your church planning something spectacular this morning?  No trial-run at rapturing I hope.

    Diane: I just came on to start the thread, so thank you.   Dare I ask how that project is going?  Is there light at the end of the tunnel, or.......?

    Lindybird: Hope your wifi gets sorted.  I've recorded several programs about Apollo 11.  I was sitting on a beach listening to it on someone else's radio.   There's a program on our Public Broadcasting Station here called American Experience, which is looking in-depth at the whole U.S. space program, starting with the recruiting of the Nazi rocket scientists at the end of WW11.

    Two naps today!  Was so tired last night I went to bed; woke up at 3 and in the silence heard the sound of running water.  Aaack!  Rush outside to turn off the sprinkler I'd put on many hours previously.  :-((   At least they've dropped all the surcharges on excess usage imposed during the drought. Still....  

    I really am going to have to go grocery shopping tomorrow.  I had a good sort through the fridge when the kids left and have been eating unlikely leftovers (fish fingers anyone?).    There are 3 good quality hot dogs that OH says he'll eat (without the buns) and some cinnamon toast waffles that I'll probably scarf up tomorrow morning during the Djokovic/Federer match.  Then back to normal Monday...

  • ANNETTE – No, church was same as usual. The doubt was that I rarely seem to get back here when I expect to. Life’s trivia intervenes, I get distracted. Now I can’t remember what great thoughts I was going to share <grin>.

    Very late nights with Tour de France telecast beginning 9.30 pm and tennis 10.30 pm. Remote getting well used as I flip channels in adverts; more cycling than tennis to avoid those grunts. Finally getting to bed well after 1 am.

  • Good Morning. Dry but cloudy again, here.

    Annette, I still have fish fingers in the freezer from Ambers last visit, but she may come again in August, so I haven't eaten them yet. At least your garden got a good soaking!

    AQ - I often think of putting things on here which get lost somewhere in my brain. Nothing world changing, though. Wrote poetry in my head whilst hanging out the laundry the other day but didn't write it down, I don't normally carry a pen! Will have to try and prompt myself over it, sometime.

  • ps. I hate all the grunting and screaming, too.

  • Just lost a post - my own fault - silly me!

    Good morning ALL. Still very hot here - but some pleasant breeze and some cloud, so sunshine isn't full on as in the last two days. Wilting plants all recovered with the generous watering session last night. OH has brought in first two cucumbers and tomatoes are starting to turn red.

    J has offered to help load car and unload at the recycling centre/tip - mostly ancient cardboard removal boxes, recycled several times during his moves but not disposed of even when GDau#1 made her choices for her Durham house. Dau#1 was thrilled to see my list of items for Guides which hadn't been mentioned before. "Someone" will be able to collect in next few weeks the Guides' box and boxes for GDau#2, who has now moved into her first house in York with four friends.

    A gentle day today, but continuing prep for setting off to Manchester Tuesday - mainly laundry to be sure we have clothes to come home to!

    DIANE - thanks for starting the new week, could hardly believe we have another full moon already. Where have those four weeks gone? Sorry to see you having to work so hard - I do hope the next project will be less demanding.

    ANNETTE - good to see that you are catching up on sleep after two hectic weeks with family ending with the driving to reconnect them all! I am sure the plants will have enjoyed the extra water from the sprinkler being left on! Funny what lurks in the freezer after visitors - we still have birthday cake!

    AQ - late nights there due to sports - busy weekend ending three busy weeks of sport here, but we rarely watch them. Good that you have time off from nanny duty during the school hols.

    LINDA - I too often forget the things I meant to say - which is probably why I write a lot of inconsequential rubbish! ... now, what was I going to say, and … where did it go?
  • OG: Like the sound of a "gentle" day.  We need more of them.  Birthday cake sounds much nicer than fish sticks and hot dogs.   Hope the Manchester trip goes well.

    Lindybird: Doubt we'll see Ms. D here again this year.  I'll be the one on the road....

    Am glued to Wimbledon.

  • Watching the tennis here, too. Like observing two ancient Greek Gods battling for supremacy... I'm expecting one of them to fire a bolt of lightning any minute ;-)

  • OG - Good for you to know that a lot of Js stuff is going to good homes. Yesterday we had a roast chicken dinner with our own new potatoes, our own peas, and even the apple sauce was from last year's fruit! Gave some strawberries and raspberries to our new neighbour next door the other day, and she was very appreciative.