Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 7 July 2019


I hope everyone has a wonderful week! 

  • Diane: Thank you - it's 10 pm and I've only just sat down!  A lovely day here.  Natural History Museum a big success although a program on tonight's sky had Ms. D and I out in the garden late looking for Saturn.  We found Jupiter with no problem, but the ambient light, cloud cover and/or trees must've obscured Saturn.

    Granddaughter got home in good time and she and her Mom went out to dinner so we were all happy but tired by the end of the day.

    Have read all the news but can't promise to respond as there doesn't seem to be any spare time!  Ms. D and I will watch the US/Netherlands game tomorrow, which starts at 8 a.m.

    Take care all!

  • Good Morning, and thank you to Diane for starting us off again. Bonnie woke us early, today!!

    Annette, nice to hear that you and MissD the delightful are having a good time. I keep singing the 'Rosanna' song, which seems apt.

    Lovely pics of the Royal christening in the media, they all look very happy.

  • Thank you, DIANE!

    I love the baby's name, LINDY. And you are included too - that is so touching.
    ANNETTE - I am enjoying reading about your time with Miss D x. You will be tired but it is the best kind of tiredness, I think.
    OG - Good that you have a date for Manchester and that J doesn't have to wait for too long. Thinking of you three.

    Amy's birthday barbecue was good. Katie made a fantastic cake, just as she did for her cousin Isla last weekend. I don't know why she wants to be a primary school teacher, she could set up a cake making business ! The cake was covered in roses, all of which she made by piping buttercream icing.
    Callum is here, the usual Sunday car washing and polishing. So far, no food requested, which is unusual.....

    Regards to everyone
  • HEATHER -- Yes, I was touched and tried to feebly protest when my name came up :-) Pleased to hear that Amy's birthday was a great success. I hope someone took a photo or two of the cake, before you ate it, after all that hard work in making it look good!

    DIANE - I keep forgetting to thank you properly for the beautiful card. Yesterday passed by in a flash, with all the excitement of the sudden entrance into the world of a certain young lady. Thankfully, she has had several small feeds now, so I told our Youngest, who was in charge of cooking breakfast this morning, that Rosie would soon be tucking into waffles with the rest of the family!!

    The sun came out here after a cloudy start, and we've been for a favourite walk in the hills, followed by a coffee & hot chocolate with marshmallows, whilst watching some ladies depart from the small hall attached to the cafe, carrying some beautiful wedding flower arrangements which must have been decorating the venue yesterday, where they've either had a wedding or a wedding reception in a room overlooking breathtaking views of the sea.

  • Lindy: I'm glad the baby is eating well now. I'm happy for all of you! 

    Annette: I'm so glad you're having such a good time with Ms. D. Sounds like some lovely days. 

    Hello to all!

  • DIANE - thanks for starting the new week - can't believe it's a week since the last Sunday!

    ANNETTE - must be great to look at the world through the eyes of an eight-year-old - but ,yes, it must be tiring!

    HEATHER - pleased the BBQ went well - did Amy have a big party for friends as well as the family gathering?

    LINDA - good to see little one is feeding now - probably little and often being so small. Pleased you had a favourite walk today - especially with hot chocolate and marshmallows!

    The two of us went to church this morning - service was taken by an ex-minister from the church we first went to when we moved here - it was good to see him and his wife again (plus new dog who came in out of the heat of the car and was so well-behaved right through). It is good to have people from other denominations helping out during our vacancy, but we would b glad to find someone more permanent.

    Oppressive weather here again - very tiring.
  • Glad you managed church today, OG. Has it been sunny there? Or is it just hot?

    We're waiting now to hear whether Mum and babe will be allowed home tonight. I know the medics like the feeding to be satisfactory and the baby to be "settled" before going home. I'm still pinching myself that its all happened - we came away so as to be at home for the next two weeks or so, available to help out!

    I wonder if Annette and MissD are watching the football final? - very exciting right now!

  • Mum & baby came home this afternoon: she is still feeding very slowly, as she tends to drop off to sleep during a session! But they assure us it will improve. She has fuzzy downy hair, which I said may drop out later.

    Matthew said "Hello!" but then wandered off, unconcerned!

    Other granny staying till tomorrow and we will visit on Tuesday.

  • In reply to Lindybird:

    Thank you Diane for starting the week.

    How exciting Lindy, to be going to meet your new grandchild. Lovely that your name is included.

    Heather, Good that Katie has another talent, besides wanting to be a teacher. What flavour was the cake?

    OG, Yes it is oppressive weather. I read somewhere that from July 3rd to 11th August are called dog days,
    Apparently, the dog star (Sirius) rises and sets with the sun, and the Romans thought it was adding to the heat on the earth.
    I am sure that Diane could put me right on this if she has time.

    I expect Annette and Ms D were happy with the result of the game.

    My Granddaughter is coming over next Saturday for a couple of weeks. Some active days to come!
  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    ThanksDiane for starting us off again. Hope your freelance job is going well.

    Annette - glad to see you had a lovely day with family even if somewhat tiring. Found out that a few ancesters travelled to the Los Angeles region.

    Heather B - good to hear your birthday bbq for Amy went well.

    OG - its always nice to welcome past ministers. We went through an interegnum a few years back and had to get in ministers from local churches etc. Our minister is going on sabatical in September so we will be having more visiting ministers.

    Lindy - enjoy your visit to your new grandchild. I found mine fed slower probably because they were pre-term - always falling asleep before feed finished but they soon picked up as I'm sure Rosanna will do. Such a lovely name.

    Well, cricket widow for three days this week, today, monday and wednesday - OH is commentating down at our County Ground again.

    Take care all.


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