Osprey Chat Thread for July/August 2019

  • The two Loch Arkaig chicks are scheduled to be ringed on Thursday, probably morning, weather permitting. Ian
  • Thanks, Karen, Ian and Keith--lovely to hear news of more chicks.

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  • In reply to Ian S:

    Thanks Ian. Exciting times!
  • KAREN Just reading your updated list Can you please tell me what MB means with the Snowdonia info?
  • Hi Patily, I just copied Keith's information from his post but did wonder.

    I have checked and found this "MB" is in fact the Welsh Nest ON4 that Dyfi used to give us stats on up until 2017.

    I am going to change the nest info in the list to "Wales ON4" as we already have details on the Wales ON5 nest and a reference I think more people will be used to.

  • Karen and Patily and All. Sorry any confusion yes the B/M nest is in fact the Nest referred to as ON4 and was looked after by a group Friends of the Ospreys. They report it as B/M nest and my records to date shadow 15 fledged with two hopefully to add to the listing soon. W6 at Kielder fledged from this nest 2015. Not sure why we call the nests ON4 and ON5 Llyn Clywedog then not an ON6 but Lyn Brenig. Possibly protection.
  • Patily where did MB come from. I had a look and reported the ringing of the nest as BM on news from other nests.
  • Keith, sorry that MB has been a typo by me. I have jjust got the characters round the wrong way but all sorted now. We know it was once B/M but I have just referred to it as ON4 on the list :-)
  • Ringing News:   

    LDOP:   5 chicks have been ringed Esthwaite -  Esthwaite:  Blue 298(F) and Blue 299(F) and Esthwaite 2: Blue 4N(M), Blue 8N(F) and Blue 288(M) thanks to info posted by Alan Petrie on the LDOP thread

    Kielder:   Jaydee has advised of the 5 chicks being ringed and named at Kielder 1 and 2 with two being fitted with  GSM/GPS transmittors.  Keilder 1 (White YA/Unringed)  #1 Blue 204(F)/Cheviot,  #2 Blue 203/Chesters & GSM/GPS and #3 Blue 205 (M)/Craster and Kielder 2 (Yellow 37/White EB) #1 Blue 202(F)/Coquet and #2 Blue 201(F)/Chirdon & GSM/GPS.   All the details about the ringing with pictures can be found in Jaydee's excellent ringing news blog.

    Loch Arkraig:   Both chicks ringed today - JJ0 and JJ2.  Still awaiting details of gender, weight etc.

    I've updated the list at the beginning of the thread.  Link to list.

  • Today's ringing news:

    Kielder:   Jaydee  advised, in her excellent blog with full details and pictures on her Kielder thread, that two chicks were ringed yesterday afternoon on Nest 3.  Blue 207(M) named Cawfields and Blue 206 (F) named Catcleugh.

    Llyn Brenig:  Blue KA5(M) has been named "Roli"     (thanks Sandra for the info on NfON)

    Loch Arkraig:  Vital statistic suggest both chicks are female.  (thanks to Ian S for the info)

    I've updated the list at the beginning of the thread.   Link to list.