• Morning ALL - thanks for all the updates and beautiful captures.

    Lassie with a fish as one of the chicks stands by.   

    Intruder around as she has now started mantling

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  • In reply to Karen:

    Good morning
    I'm in a rush so will do a catch up with early morning pics later today. Well worth scrolling back to around 5am, a bit of a 'free-for-all' on the nest with the first fish delivery (whole family). Laddie also brought a second fish (huge) a little while after the first and he actually ate on the nest!
    At present,  8:00, Lassie is eating some leftover fish

  • Looking forward to your catch up Sandra :-)

    Just now a fish being devoured on the nest and no sign of PT4 or PT5

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  • In reply to Karen:

    From 5:00(ish) this morning

    Lassie to the nest, PT5 inbound

    This could be PT4 far right of pic making its way round to the nest

    Laddie touches down with the fish, PT4 hot on his heels


    Lassie guarded the fish

    PT4 stole it

    5:27 Laddie with a whopper

    Lassie came to the nest but Laddie didn't let her take the fish, preferring to eat himself. She left the nest

    PT5 took Laddie's fish after he flew from the nest

    When PT5 had eaten he left a piece of fish on the nest

    6:15 Lassie came and ate some of the fish

    PT5 joined her and found the remainder of the 2nd fish

    7:27 Lassie found the 2nd fish part, then there was an intrusion overhead

    Feeding PT5

    (Phew! lol)

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  • Phew indeed Sandra - wonderful catch up, thanks :-)
  • In reply to Karen:

    You're welcome!

    16:19 Lassie to the nest

    Followed by PT5

    16:20 Laddie with fish

    PT5 grabbed the fish, Laddie flew away

    PT4 incoming from over the Loch (far left)

    16:30 PT4 stole the fish from PT5

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  • In reply to Sandra :

    20:23 Fish from Laddie to an already waiting PT5

    PT4 must have seen the delivery and made his way to the nest (far left)

    Lassie joined the boys

    An attempted steal by PT4

    but PT5 managed to keep hold of his supper

    20:48 Oh dear, LS appears to have the swirly wheel   Edit - back on at 20:51

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  • In reply to Sandra :

    20:55 Great steal by PT4. He changed tact by going around the other side of PT5

    21:00 Lassie has been picking up any dropped morsels that had been left on the nest, PT4 swallowed the fish tail

    Lassie flew off the nest to the left, the boys followed individually afterwards (PT4 being the last to leave)

    21:05 ENS

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  • In reply to Sandra :

    21:44 Laddie with a fish

    Lassie came down to claim it, PT4 flying in (far left)

    PT4 stole the fish from Lassie

    21:50 ANOTHER FISH!

    Lassie took it

    21:58 It's pouring with rain. Lassie left the nest, PT4 finishing his fish

    22:00 He flew off to the left in the direction of the dead tree. ENS

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