WEEKLY CHAT (non-osprey) SUNDAY JUNE 16, 2019

Happy New Week and Happy Father's Day!

  • Thanks, Annette! I was busy and I just plain forgot about the new thread. :-)
  • Diane: How's that freelance project going?
  • Good Morning, and thanks for starting us off again, Annette.

    Thinking of you, toiling over your project, Diane.

  • Thank you, ANNETTE -

    The curry night was a success, for once we got the order right in that almost all the food was eaten! Now waiting for Callum the Car Washer...
  • Its raining here (again). We've been out for a walk, and Bonnie was impeccably behaved until she found something really smelly, and rolled in it... She had to be lifted into the car, and then when we got home again, washed in dog shampoo on the lawn, then rinsed off.

    We had also managed to get back before the rain began, which was lucky. We had carried rain jackets just in case. At one point, we came upon some deer grazing and were really close to them -- but (insert swearyword here) I did not have the camera with me. Bonnie was on her lead at this point and was not interested in them at all. The handsome young male we were closest to had the most wonderful antlers, all covered in suede fuzziness. I longed to reach out and touch them. He pretended not to notice us, and continued cropping grass, but of course they must all have had their eyes on us all the time.

    Glad the curry went down well, Heather.

  • Sounds like a lovely walk, LINDY, if a bit smelly!

    DIBNLIB- I'm pleased for you in that your Mum's funeral was as good as such an occasion can be xxx

    Nothing exciting happening here today. Callum was here from about 11am until 4.30, the car washing and cleaning was interrupted at regular intervals for food, drink, essential (!) checking of his phone and so on. He took me to Tesco for stuff that had been forgotten yesterday - fresh vegetables etc.
    Sorry that I've nothing interesting to say! The folk who have made 264 visits to this thread since ANNETTE started it early today will wait a long time to see anything remotely attention grabbing written by me :-(

  • Lurker Alert! Goodness it's quiet on here today. Just spent last few minutes catching up with end of last week as Ive been away for the weekend.

    I hope all those with ailments are coping and proving.

    Yesterday I set off to drive to Oxford for lunch at Balliol College for a celebratory lunch in honour of Dorothy L Sayers .I have belonged to the DLS historical & Literary Society since the 1980s when I started reading her Lord Peter Wimsey Novels and have read everything she has written  including her Poetry and Theological writings. She was such a fascinating woman. The only thing that spoiled the day was a series of downpours which meant that I couldn't have a wander around Oxford. After that I drove to my Daughters in Silverstone where I stayed last night and spent a lovely day with my 2 Granddaughters, Seraphina & Luna - they grow so fast. Then drove home to Suffolk but the dreaded A14 was closed for 2 junctions so was diverted for about 30 miles through Stowmarket, making journey time3.5 hours! Naturally I a sitting at laptop with a glass of wine at  my side!

    I hopw everyone has a good week and some respite from the relentless rain!

  • Here at last!

    Thanks, ANNETTE, for starting the week for us. The Father here had a happy day - three cards and a phone call!

    HEATHER - pleased the family curry night went well.

    LINDA - seems a long time since you last told us Bonnie rolled in something - I suppose an occasional lapse from good behaviour has to be forgiven. Good that you went for a walk - sounds as if your weather was same as ours today. Envious of your Deer sighting, but isn't that always the way when you haven't taken the camera?

    We had very early rain and then it was dry to go to church. We enjoyed a very good shortened service followed by a quarterly meeting (still called quarterly although we have them three times a year!) There was a shower while we were inside, then it was dry to come home, but showers have crept in right through since lunchtime, so no gardening done. Still quite warm. We have the church anniversary garden party next Saturday, so are praying for good weather for that.

    J has his professional development review tomorrow, with his department head. OH and I will be going to M&S Food, and collecting a couple of parcels ordered online for "click and collect". We were surprised that clothing and housewares would come to the food store.
  • Nice to see the latest posts. My OH had phone calls from both our sons, but we are expecting cards in the post tomorrow, as neither of them seems to realise that todays postal service is not as prompt as it used to be!

    Glad you managed to get to church, OG. Bonnie still rolls in things occasionally, but often they are dried up remains of birds and animals, which don't leave a smell. She was, however, stopped just in time today from stealing some bread & butter from the dinner table when my OH left it to fetch some of his home made jam! He finished the jam in that pot today, which leaves only one pot left now from last year (he makes his own every year).

    Our nearest M&S is only small, and sells food and a tiny amount of clothing, but you can order most things including homewares and bedding, etc, to be collected. Its very useful!

  • Hi all. Worked in garden this morning, lazy afternoon (well not quite) but organized food for the week. Will catch up tomorrow.