Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 9 June 2019

  • Glad you've got done what you wanted doing, in the garden, OG.

    No, not going to Glaslyn this time as we have less days here on this short visit. Going home on Tuesday. Plus, I don't want to bore my OH who is patient about my osprey enthusiasms, but not as excited about them as I am. I hope to get there next time we are here.

    Sad to see the recent demonstrations against cruise ship tourism in Venice. We had heard about the problems before we went there on our last cruise, but didn't really realise what it was all about until we saw it for ourselves. Then we felt guilty for being there at all! More about that from me, with photos, when I get around to finishing my pics for last year.

  • Hallo all:

    Heather: Indeed, some of the electric utility companies were found responsible for the huge fires in California last year when they were either doing maintenance work on the towers or the equipment failed (supposedly due to poor maintenance) and had to pay huge fines. Of course, that doesn't do much for all the people, for example in Paradise, who lost their entire town. Anyway, to minimize their liability, they're planning to cut power to areas (that's most of California!) if the weather indicates a serious fire threat. I haven't read the details yet. Did you get to the garden center?

    Busy morning doing more desk work, will BBQ chicken tonight, enough for salads during the week. I tried to post a photo last evening, but the site kept telling me it was too large a file, even after I'd reduced the size several times. Will have to check out the details when I have a minute.

    Hope everyone enjoys their caravans, gardens, outings!
  • All the best with the project, Diane. Here from you when its completed.

    Lindy, enjoy your visit to North Wales. Might have been the Garden Centre we visited a few years back when we were looking for a farm shop.

    Weather has been mixed down here and quite cool. Heating has come on automatically as temperature must have fallen below 19degrees which is what the thermostat is set at. Must remember to lower it.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Managed 10 mins weeding after burying veggie peelings. I'm taking care of tender back as Chauffeur Friend & I plan to escape tomorrow; last 2 dates deferred as she has been unwell. Expecting a fine day of 21 C, rain promised "later".
  • Good Morning. Dry here, so we hope to get out and about.

    Hope you get off on your trip tomorrow, AQ, and the weather is kind.

  • Ditto from me, AQ - Have a good time !

    I did get to the garden centre yesterday and now have another six bags of stuff.

    ANNETTE - thanks for expanding on what I heard on BBC WORLD radio.
    I like the sound of a barbecue chicken that you can pick at for a few days!

    OG - do you grow your salads under cover ?
  • AQ: Have a good day out with friend and I hope the promised rain arrives and is wonderfully refreshing!

    Heather: Yes, BBQd four marinated chicken breasts - two eaten last night on salads and the other two waiting in the wings for a repeat performance so to speak.... I need to get some mulch to put around the plants in large pots and discourage difficult-to-remove something or other that's taken root.

    Lindybird: Have a good ride home tomorrow.

    Off to establish world peace.....
  • Annette: hope you have a good arsenal of missiles!!!!!!!

    On a different front, I am coming back to normal. Well as much as can be expected at my age. Shopping up a steep street was no trouble which was better than last Thursday. There is a BIG note on my medical record - DO NOT PRESCRIBE STATINS - PATIENT MAY BITE! She has a sense of humour and is a lovely understanding lady, I was lucky.
  • Feeling lucky - good weather same as yesterday! Wowie - two consecutive days the same! OH mowed all the grass - I didn't sit outside - too much pollen about with the mowing!

    AQ - enjoy the escape with friend.

    LINDY - hope you get a good journey home.

    HEATHER - don't carry all those bags of stuff at once - do it gradually. We do grow early salads under glass, but have now uncovered them - the courgettes inherited that cold frame! The later ones, going in this week are out in the open.

    ANNETTE - world peace? Need some of that here - I want to leave the country if Boris gets power!

    FB - glad you are feeling better!
  • F.Boar, great that you're improving. Take it easy! - no running up hills....

    OG - You're getting ahead of yourselves on the gardening front!

    It's been a fine day, but with a sneaky chill wind. We drove south, down the peninsula below us, We walked on the beach at Nefyn, entirely empty except for another dog walker who turned up as we were leaving. Then we pressed on, down tiny winding lanes, enjoying the timeless scenery of farms with peaceful cattle and sheep with nearly fully grown lambs. We found a small cove on the map but had to stay in the car as the beach was only accessible on foot, through fields with grazing sheep. Bonnie would have been a liability!

    We ended our tour in Aberdaron which is a tiny town at the furthermost part, and the sunshine was kind to us - we ate cheese & onion paninis outside a cafe, with Bonnie under the table. Then after a tour of the town, which took ten minutes, we had Welsh icecreams: mint choc chip for me, and strawberry for my OH. A lovely day, finished by an hour on our own decking in the sun with a cup of tea. Now I'm throwing things into bags, as tomorrow is promised to be very wet!