Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 9 June 2019

  • Tired after hospital visit, but this will serve to bump up the thread and I'll say more tomorrow. Thinking of Dibnlib.
  • Heather: You were right - it was the pump in the dishwasher. Multiple x too many dollars later, it's fixed. But in the process, we discovered a leak in the kitchen faucet. Argh!

    EDIT: Kitchen faucet leak sorted - I think.

    Have a good Thursday everyone

  • Good Morning. Damp here.

    Sorry to see that you had a tough day yesterday, OG. Hope you all got some sleep last night after a tiring day.

    Annette, an expensive repair is annoying. Hope the taps/faucet behave now, too!

    I'm off to the hairdressers before I accompany my OH to the skin specialist.

  • Morning all: Weather looks really grim in the UK with so much flooding.

    OG: I'm reading the "other" news from the UK and sympathize with developments.

    Lindybird: Hope the rain doesn't ruin hairdressers efforts.

    Back later to keep an eye on you all. :-)
  • Managed to keep dry under my umbrella, Annette :-)

    Went with my OH to see the skin consultant, who examined several newish looking moles on his chest, but decided to only scrape one of them off for analysis. "They were really gentle, and the nurse held my hand" he said, twinkling at me. Good job I'm not the jealous type! We won't hear the results for several weeks.

    Tomorrow, he goes to have his ears syringed as they have lots of wax in them. Then we also wait for the results of his other tests.

    Off to cook some chicken breasts, to have with our own new potatoes from the Allotment. Yummy.

  • No news from here, rainy again.....
    LINDY- I've been thinking about you and OH today, thank you for telling us how things went.
    Also thinking about DIBNLIB x
    ANNETTE - good that you managed to fix the tap! Dishwasher back in action is what you needed, and quite quickly. I use mine but rinse items before stacking them as I only put the machine on every two or three days or so. I could easily wash items by hand but like the sparkling (!) finish the dishwasher gives me.
    Regards to all -
  • I tend to rinse plates etc. if I'm not going to put the dishwasher on that day. Sometimes I wash up things by hand which I think I'll need shortly, so it means there is even longer before it gets switched on!

    Nice call from our Youngest this afternoon, describing the results of d.in law's latest scan, and a copy of our little grandchild in situ has popped up on Facebook. Another 6 weeks to go!

  • Thinking of DIBNLIB today and hoping she remembers the good times.

    Tuesday’s escape was great. We found what we sought and more. Kangarilla, Meadows, Macclesfield, Echunga (if ANNETTE or ANYONE fancies a Google drive!). Mount Barker Anglican church was open. On a weekday! Lunch at Millies in Mount Barker - Baguette filled with delicious roast chicken (generous), bacon, avocado & tasty dressing. Plus coffee. I took home 2 bienenstich for dessert after a lazy tea. Nanny duty with full list of chores was slightly more fraught than last few weeks. Yesterday I was busy processing photos and preparing notes for pics to be posted on flickr.

  • Lindybird: My goodness. Grandkid photos before the kid actually arrives!   Do they know what it is from the scan or are they keeping it a surprise? (I think I asked that question some months back.)   I've become very lazy, put most things in the dishwasher as we were told during the drought that it was more economical re water usage than washing/rinsing everything by hand.

    AQ: Will put that Google drive on my to-do list, though I did manage to stop by Millie's.  I like the sound of that baguette (avocado and chicken!), not to mention the bienenstich, which I had to Google.  Yum.    But those lovely trees downtown..... I'm assuming they were bare when you were there, but Google Earth showed them in full leaf..  Do you know what they were?  

    Another busy paperwork morning followed by garden catch up.