Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 9 June 2019


I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe week. 

I'm working on my freelance project, so I won't be posting for a little while, but I hope you all are well! 

dibnlib: You are in my thoughts, and I'm sending you strength. I'm so very sorry. 

  • Thanks for finding the time to start us off again, Diane. Hope the project is going well, with not too many swearywords!

    Dibnlib, hope you have easy journeys. Good idea to stay the night and then not to worry about being delayed or anything. Will be thinking of you.

    The Kelpies look inspiring. I've long admired them, and hope to see them one day!

  • Lindy: I have invented an entire dictionary of new and very, very bad sweary words. Sigh... Enjoy your time in Wales.

    Annette: I glanced at a map, and it looks like your Arizona kin are about 75 miles from that big wildfire, so I guess they're safe? I hope so.
  • dibnlib:  Do take care of yourself this week.  We'll be thinking of you.

    Diane:  Thank you for starting us off - and yes, the AZ fire is quite a distance. I've not heard anything from the family so it's a non-event for them.

    Hope everyone has a reasonable Sunday. 

  • Goodness, Sunday already!! Dry here and looking promising. Hoping for some sunshine today. We will go for a coastal walk, then treat ourselves to lunch out.

  • In reply to Lindybird:

    LINDY Hope you see them, they are amazing.
  • Hello all - thank you, DIANE. Will be thinking about you as you continue to work on your project.

    ANNETTE - I heard on the radio that some areas of Northern California are to have their electricity supply cut off because of the risk of wildfires :-( The town of Paradise was mentioned in connection with this.

    LINDY - enjoy your Sunday lunch and walk! I'm imagining a carvery of some kind...

    Youngest family and I enjoyed our late lunch. I'd bought Pringles and a big bar of chocolate for each for the girls so they were excited - more so since they'd just been to see their other Granny, who had done the same!

    I'm rather hoping that my eldest daughter will be able to take me to the garden centre today - I need bags of compost or similar to bulk up the soil in my one remaining border in the front garden.

    Regards to everyone!
  • Thanks DIANE - good of you to take the time to set up the new thread while you are so busy with the project - I hope it is growing easier.

    DIBLIB - thoughts and prayers continuing here.

    HEATHER - hope you get to the garden centre for your compost.

    LINDA - enjoy your Sunday relaxing in the sunshine.

    We have rescheduled our Sunday to suit the better weather, so we can enjoy time outside and start catching up in the garden - again!
  • We enjoyed our walk, in what seemed like Spring sunshine - a bitter wind, and my OH put his woolly hat on!! Then off to the Garden Centre for a good carvery lunch. You can Google it as "Fron Goch Garden Centre, Caernarfon." Highly recommended if you come this way!! My OH had turkey and pork, and I had just turkey, with lots of lovely veg. No dessert, no room left!

    Bought two trailing fuchsias for our tubs back home, and a birthday card. I saw a beautiful outdoor fountain for sale but although I hinted madly to my OH, he is not in the mood for spending just now.

    The weather has been disappointing, however. Not much sun, clouded over a lot of the time. We sat out for an hour this afternoon, wearing big sweaters on a day which was predicted to be sunny and warm.

  • Sad to read that the middle chick of the three hatched at Glaslyn, has died. They took it away in the interests of science, and helped the youngest chick, who had fallen over and seemed unable to right itself.

  • Are you intending to visit Glaslyn this trip LINDA? I thought of you when I read the news.

    Had a great afternoon in the garden, and OH is out there again now sowing next row of salads to keep up the succession. We tidied the deck, placing the various containers in some semblance of order - looks rather good now.