Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 19 May 2019


I hope everyone has a wonderful week! 

  • Diane: Thanks once more.  I see you guys have more extreme weather headed your way. Do take care and hope that you're feeling somewhat better about that project.

    Heather:  So what happens to the lemon drizzle cake?  I see Lynette and Lindybird have snagged some and I know I could cram some in my mouth too.

    Lynette: Lemon drizzle cake and post-church snacks too?  

    Lindybird: Too bad about the cheapo paint!  Still, a lesson for all of us so thank you.  Hope redoing the walls will go smoothly.

    Rain here again tonight.

    Take care everyone.

  • Good Morning, and Happy New Week to all.

    Thanks to Diane for starting us off: I'll be thinking of you during your project, Diane.

    Stayed up till after midnight last night, watching the Eurovision Contest - not sure I can describe it as a Song Contest as there was so much going on besides singing, and even some of that was questionable! Madonna made an appearance, too, and could have taken lessons from some of the contestants, as her singing was, er....rather flat!

    My OH is just off on his mission to assist our Youngest with his kitchen construction, he needs another pair of hands and some expertise to put in the plumbing and worktops.

  • Annette: Thank you. Yes, strong storms are due to arrive very soon now. I'm sorry that your whale watching season didn't end on a positive note. I know how much you enjoy that. 

    Heather: I'm so glad you had a lovely lunch with your daughter. I'm glad your family stays close with you. Please hire a private jet and fly to Chicago. Then take a helicopter to my area. You can land in the corn field across the highway from me. (The relentless rain has kept the farmers from planting so far this year, so there won't be any corn to hinder the helicopter.) After the helicopter lands, you can bring me that lemon drizzle cake! LOL!!!

    I read your post about the carnage in your daughter's back garden (the sparrowhawk vs. fox debate). I think I would guess that the cats are responsible. 

    AQ: I'm glad you enjoyed a lovely dinner. Your election results were very surprising, according to all the media.

    OG: I can't speak for the U.K., but outsourcing rarely works out well here, especially when employees aren't paid well and fairly. I hope everything works out for the best. Good luck with your church report.

    Harelady: Congrats on your win!!! Nice to hear from you. Sounds like you've been very busy.

    Lindy: I hope your blood tests results are okay. I'm sorry about the paint failure. That will be a lot of work to remove it. Maybe you can complain and get your money back?

    Hello to dibnlib and Lynette.

    Take care, all. 

  • Good morning, ALL, and thanks to DIANE for the new week. We have also not gone to church this morning, LYNETTE, as I was rather unwell yesterday and am still rather "wobbly" today. J has at last decided to take his bad legs to the GP (how many months or even years have I said he should?) - appt week after next,

    LINDA - I hope your OH will soon complete the task of helping your Son and return to successfully prepare the wall for the replacement paint..

    DIANE - sorry you have even more storms coming your way - and BJANE too - stay safe.

    We had a drop of early rain again, but now dried up; still quite mild but there is some breeze. Not sure what we are doing the rest of the day, staying quite low-key I imagine.
  • HEATHER – I don’t know lemon drizzle cake. Since t’others have scoffed it all, please send, no please deliver, a fresh cake for me to sample.

    DIANE – Election over (except for the last 5 seats in doubt). Now beginneth the post mortems – mainly, how did the opinion polls get it so wrong?

    LINDA – Much sadness in Ausieland that our entry in Eurovision didn’t come top of the pile. Question – since when have we been part of Europe?

    OG – I hope you are feeling much less wobbly.

  • In reply to Eagle-eye:

    Well, OG, at least he has now made an appt. Let's hope he gets a good outcome as to what comes next. Sorry to hear that you have been unwell again, I presume it is all part of the medical conditions you have. Do hope you start to feel better again, soon.

    Oh dear, Diane and BJane, - weather not looking good then, stay safe and warm.

    Hello to all of you.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Sorry to hear that you've not been too good, OG. That's a shame. I know you've been enjoying getting out into the garden once more, now that the weather's warmer. Hope you can feel better soon. You sound relieved that J is getting some advice about his knees, so it's to be hoped that it can be helped.

    AQ -- When did polls ever get things right? It's a running joke here in UK that they are always soo wrong. I only saw part of the Eurovision, but caught the Aussie entry, which I thought could well be a winner. Such innovative staging, too!! Ours came last, which meant that my prediction beforehand was wrong, as I'd put him down as 2nd from last when I heard it in the weeks running up to the contest.

    It's called the Eurovision Song Contest, but as it's spread outside of Europe now, it's not European. And some of the entries are stretching it to be called songs.  And it's not a contest, because a lot of countries vote for each other, irrespective of their music. <shrug>

  • AQ:  Had to smile at thought of Oz being part of Europe, which was much smaller when I was growing up. Still, it's all marketing these days, isn't it?  Opinion polls got it wrong? We know how that feels - big time!  :-(

    Lindybird:  And the UK came last in Eurovision?  Hmmm.  Was it just a bad song/performance or possibly a reflection of Brexit exasperation....     Just looked at some photos and some of those costumes were weird, but them I could say the same for some of the contestants.  Also saw video (on BBC website) of very noisy demonstrations by ultra-Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem upset because the contest was held on a Saturday....  Sometimes I think it would be nice to live somewhere with no TV or internet so that I'd be blissfully ignorant of what was going on anywhere.

    OG: Feel better yourself and hope that J remembers his legs when he goes to the docs.

    Meanwhile, I thought the coastal part of California was supposed to be moving very very slowly north to eventually put us on the same latitude as Seattle, but judging from the rain, we seem to have already arrived.

  • I wrote a long list yesterday of the things which I should tackle today, but only got as far as washing my hair this morning as my sis in law rang with a request for help: she has bought a pressure washer and it was in pieces ready to be assembled but it was beyond her.

    In the absence of my handyman OH, I drove over to the rescue. It took the two of us over half an hour to translate the instructions into something which resembled the picture on the box, but we did it, hooray!

  • Can't believe how much rain you've been experiencing, Annette. And shocking storms in some States recently.

    Our entry to the Eurovision was not particularly bad, but not memorable either. The young man sort of shouted some of it, but then I was biased anyway as I had watched the previous contest where we chose our song to go forward, and I had much preferred a young woman's entry, which had a catchy tune, she sang well, and was a pretty little thing, to boot. But they didn't ask me!