• A very informative blog from the Lowes Team

    Link >>>    Under the Shell

  • Beautiful snaps early yesterday, MARY :-*

    This morning Laddie arrived @ 05:02 and took over during the day/night/day phase.

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  • Hi SCYLLA the blog is very interesting I have saved it Thanks for the link KAREN
  • There has been a change over, I was checking on scroll back, and found Laddie had arrived 1.45 minutes ago and tried his best to get Lassie off the eggs. 

    She stayed put, and kept chirping at him, obviously to go for breakfast, so he eventually left. 

    About 5 minutes ago he arrived back fishless and she did get off the eggs and they changed over. 


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  • Intruder around.  Lassie watching then getting up and screeching at whoever.

    © Scottish Wildlife Trust - Loch of the Lowes

  • Lassie enjoying a little preen as she incubates.   Pleased to see it looking nice here unlike a little further up where it is snowing just now!

    © Scottish Wildlife Trust – Loch of the Lowes

  • Lassie suddenly shot up, a threat of what I don't know.

    Over quickly and she settled down on the eggs again.

    © Scottish Wildlife Trust - Loch of the Lowes

  • Looks and sounds idyllic, with Lassie on her precious eggs
  • Its blowing a hoolie at Lowes just now, despite it being sunny. 

    A very strange incident happened about two hours ago, I picked it up on scroll back.    

    I think it was Laddie who arrived on the nest, Lassie got up and whether she was annoyed that he didn't have a fish or not, she kept jumping at him and batting her wings, he eventually flew off.  I don't think it was an intruder, Laddie in the bad books now me thinks :-) 

    Lots of blurring with the movement, but just thought it was worth recording and posting.