• The 2 young ones are partly tucked under Lassie,who looks rather wet
  • Good morning
    Laddie delivered a fish around 7:15, chicks still being fed

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  • From scroll back, Laddie delivered another fish at 9:35. Lassie had been shouting for half an hour or so prior to this

    Lassie fed herself when the chicks decided they were full

    They then went back for more

    10:23 Feed still continuing

    Apologies for the poor scaps, for some reason my settings had changed on the LS

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  • In reply to Sandra :

    Scene at 10:30 Lassie finishing off the fish

    10:35 After some nest maintenance, Lassie settled on the very full chicks

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  • In reply to Sandra :

    11:45 Another fish delivery, what a star Laddie is! Chicks up for another feed

    10 minutes after the delivery, chicks still being stuffed with fish

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  • In reply to Sandra :

    14:39 Another fish, another feed

    One chick went back to the centre of the nest

    But rejoined its sibling for more fish a minute later

    14:46 Feed over

    14:50 Lassie has been shouting since the feed ended, not sure if there is a dog barking in the distance?

    15:00 Calm and silent now

    15:05 Spoke too soon, she's shouting again

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  • Again from scroll back 18:45, Laddie brought a headless fish. Lassie fed the chicks (didn't last too long) and then settled to brood, it's very wet weather

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  • 21:05 A late evening fish from Laddie


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  • Thanks Sandra for all the updates. Good to see fish coming in and them thriving.
  • In reply to Karen:

    You're welcome Karen!

    One was too close to the edge of the nest for my liking, so relieved when it moved away!


    21:23 Lassie having a good meal herself now

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