Live Mammal Webcam from Loch Garten in the Autumn.

This is nothing to do with the Loch Garten Ospreys, but there’s no where else I can post this as it is do with with RSPB Loch Garten reserve. I’ve just been having a read through the Loch Garten reserve visiting details and I have read an interesting pierce of news about live webcams at Loch Garten at the end of the Osprey nesting season, as we of course hope that happens, although i’m beginning to doubt that will happen. Anyway I don’t know if any other RSPB Community Forum member has read this on the Loch Garten reserve visiting details, but around about September, there will be a live mammal webcam that will be available to watch from RSPB reserve Loch Garten, which will be something brand new. I don’t know from what part of the Loch Garten reserve this will be. But interesting times ahead and that webcam will be in addition to the bird-feeder webcam. I’m hoping that one of the members of this forum might be able to put a link up in this thread about the mammal webcam details from the RSPB Loch Garten Reserve visiting detail webpage, as I’m not sure how to put that link up.