Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 21 April 2019


I hope everyone has a peaceful, joyful spring week! 

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates the day. 

Photo: A Nene, also called a Hawaiian Goose, standing at the Kilauea Volcano's rim with a lava lake in the background. The Nene is the world's rarest goose and is exclusively found in the wild on the Hawaiian Islands. They are endangered.
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
NPS Photo/Janice Wei, labeled "Public domain" (copyright free) 

  • DIANE: Thank you - again! - but please don't feel you have to start the thread each week. I usually come puttering into my room about this time and can easily start it if you're off dancing and dining or just lolling on the couch reading. -)

    OG: Out-of-focus digital pix don't make it past the first day here (along with accidental photos of my feet, the sidewalk, the sky, etc.). I thought I could get through it all in a month or two just working in the evenings - that was several months ago.... Anyway, spent the morning in the front garden. It's on a slight slope and we use redwood chips as mulch (which looks nice too). Each winter - and especially this one with so much rain - the chips are washed down the slope where birds jump about in them and scatter them all over the sidewalk. Today, I raked out all the chips on the bottom of the slope, piled them into a bucket, then spread them out at the top of the slope to start their journey all over again. A bit like shoveling sand.

    Take care all - and have a lovely Easter.
  • HAPPY EASTER to all posters and lurkers.

    OG - Visiting the bank on a Saturday? Really? Are yours open then? Our banks are Mon-Thurs 9.30-4, Friday 9.30-5 pm. Actually they are barely open, few tellers, they prefer we use the "hole in the wall".  

    We had 2 showers of rain this morn, no more expected the rest of week, just cool 20-22 C temps. Dau#2 & appendages are coming to lunch tomorrow. I have bacon & veg soup. In case that gets rejected by the Little People, there are good old stand-by, sausage rolls. In past week the kids have had choc eggs from school, kindy, play group, fairy dancing, etc, etc and Dau is fed up with post choc hyperactivity. So quiet here with no neighbours.

  • Easter Blessings to all!

    But what a world we live in, re human activity! Feeling very sad.
  • HAPPY EASTER to All who venture on to this thread!

    Thanks to Diane for starting us off again, love the Goose! Very sunny here, but I am suffering with my hay fever, whether I go out or stay in. I've taken medication but it's still the worst I've ever had :-( Must be the tree pollen.

    My OH is going out for a walk with Bonnie and his sister & friend, as they are staying near Snowdonia. I've declined because I'll be no fun.

  • Happy Easter to all who celebrate - and thank you, DIANE

    I hope that you will feel better soon, LINDY.
  • Thank you, Heather. I've read a book and dozed, until they returned. Meanwhile, the watery sunshine has turned into blazing sun, and I've had to retreat indoors: my OH has done the opposite and is sitting outside, thankfully with a hat on! He & Bonnie enjoyed their walk. I will be seeing sis in law on Thursday when we dine at another relatives' home.

    Quite a few people here, enjoying this pleasant weather. Energetic younger relatives to the owners are staying next door to us, and spend a lot of time with their canoe and on bodyboards. (My wordchecker thingy put "bodyguards" for that!)

  • Happy Earth Day tomorrow (Monday, the 22nd). The theme for this year's Earth Day is "Protect Our Species." Here's a very interesting short ARTICLE about the status of the world's birds. I was surprised at some of these statistics.

    Also, the Lyrid Meteor Shower peaks at some time between tonight and Tuesday morning. Skywatching organizations are disputing the time/date. It's usually a good shower to watch, although the bright moon may make the meteors more difficult to see this year. INFO HERE

    I hope everyone is having a nice day and all who are suffering from the pollen feel better. 

  • Evening all: Lovely day here and exchanged greetings with UK family - all thrilled by the sunshine.

    DIANE: Thanks for the heads up re the meteor shower; doubt I'll be up to see them though - too bad they can't schedule them earlier! :-)
  • Good Morning. Sunny here again, although it may not last until tomorrow.

    We enjoyed a nice roast lamb dinner last night, and I went to bed early. Hoping for a better day, today, healthwise.