Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 14 April 2019

  • In reply to Lindybird:

    Annette: Fascinating story about the crows. I knew that crows cache food, especially when they have young to feed in the nests, but I've never seen them fight like that. I guess I'd assume that the aggressor crow that was holding the other one down was protecting his/her hidden stash, but I don't know. It will be interesting watching the crow social dynamics this spring! That's so sad about the suffering of the whales. I hope they won't have another major die off that dangerously diminishes their population.

    Heather: I heard that BBC World Service programme about the whales. Interesting. That's an adorable exchange between Isla and Mia. I'm glad you'll get your lock completely replaced before it goes bad. 

    Lindy: Very interesting photos. Happy belated anniversary, and I'm sorry your OH is ill!

    Lynette: Nice to see you!

    All: A Barred Owl hooted at me from the woods beside my driveway on Saturday. I assume there's a nesting pair.

    I've seen several reports lately that a Bigfoot (Sasquatch) has been sighted in the state park/forest in my area! According to accounts, it was last seen repeatedly hitting a tree with a piece of wood. I'd have to see it to believe it. LOL! I do wonder what people are really seeing. The state wildlife agencies have been reporting that black bears are swimming across the Ohio River and moving into Indiana. That's a new development here. I'm speculating that a bear is the actual subject of the Bigfoot reports. I would like to know if there's a bear in these woods so I can look out for him or her. LOL!

  • Lindybird: Huh, I didn't connect the dots in terms of the Moroccan influence, but it makes sense. That's an added bonus to the predominantly Spanish feel.

    Heather: I What'sApp'd UK niece today and, re the whales, she'd seen a BBC World Live (I think that's the title) the other night that included the latest info on the skinny whales in Mexico. Isla sounds like my kind of girl and Mia sounds like most 14-year-old girls (how I hated that age!).

    Diane: This morning either the same crow or another one was busily working away at some twigs in one of our shrubs. And yesterday evening, one was standing on tippy-toes investigating the fabric ties on the sides of the patio cushions!! Maybe the one that stashed food is thinking ahead for the days when there are more mouths to feed. The other thing they do is take food (stale bread) and dip it in our fountain a couple of times then take off for wherever. We will be watching them more closely for sure..... Another odd thing, we have all kinds of birds in the garden, but we have never seen the Mourning Doves at the fountain. Gosh, that's exciting about the bears (and Sasquatch :-)) Are the bears looking for more territory/food I wonder? How is the population in Ohio?

    Take care ALL and have a good Monday.

  • Good Morning. Interesting posts today. I'm imagining Diane being carried off, in King Kong style, in the arms of one of her neighbours!!

    I wonder if it is the bears, Diane, that have been seen.

    Annette, crows are interesting to watch as they're so intelligent. Fancy them stashing bits of muffin!

    Dry here but grey skies. My OH has gone off to golf, although he admitted that he'd not been feeling 100% . It takes something major for him to cancel, LOL!

    I have a big To Do List, as we are hoping to get off to Wales for the Easter weekend, so I'm off to get started. Have a good week, everyone.

  • Hi! Weekend weather was sometimes sunny, other times white cloud but still no rain. Temp range from cool to warm but never hot or cold. Today about the same. Forest Fire in South Ayrshire (north of the Galloway Forest Park) - hope it hasn't affected the Loch Doon Ospreys. Had a good home-grown service at church yesterday. Haven't gone out with OH today as he wants to buy hardwood and paints, so I couldn't be bothered! Both hoping to work in garden this afternoon, and I think J will continue fence painting.
  • Bumping up, but can't bring myself to chat after reading about Notre Dame de Paris fire!
  • I was at the gym and everybody was watching it on the TVs there - just ghastly. Very hard to watch....
  • very sad about Notre Dame. Saw it once many years ago going through Paris in the dark. Now the spire has gone as well - trying to save what they can.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • A tragedy. Why does this keep happening when buildings are in the midst of renovation?

  • Another warm day, 31 C by 11 am. OH has decided not to go out to lunch. I threatened a vegemite sandwich but will probably produce a healthy salad roll. Last roll in freezer. No nanny duty for 2 weeks as it is school holidays. Yeay. How did Term 1 pass so quickly?
  • Good Morning. Youngest grandchild, Matthew, has got a place in the school with big bro Tomasz. Good for the children and even better for the parents! He starts in the Autumn term.

    Not as sunny here, but the chilly wind has now dropped. I have to get on with some serious cleaning around the house, but will come on & post some more pics, later.