Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 7 April 2019

  • OG: Thanks for explaining. I was just curious about that huge helicopter -- wondering if it was an ominous portent.

    Lindy: That amaryllis is glorious. One of my favorite flowers.

    Annette: Wonderful about the yoga class.
  • AQ: Oh dear sorry to exhaust you but I only do this level of cleaning twice a year. In between, it's sort of random with more energetic flurries of activity if we're expecting visitors. :-)

    LINDYBIRD: Amaryllis plant is lovely, though I tend to go for more "relaxed" plants and flowers.

    Unusually warm today; hope it doesn't last. We're supposed to get some pretty strong winds over the next two days....
  • Good Morning. Dry and warmish. I'm off to do errands in the town, including a food shop as we dashed off to our sons house last Saturday without my usual restock of basics.

    Spoke to our new neighbour yesterday, she had been abroad in Cambodia when we were away ourselves, and she said it was an interesting trip.

    Annette, I forgot to reply to your remark about Awful Cousin saying she may not come this year: I agree, I don't trust her and will be prepared if she suddenly says that she will come after all! At least we can escape to Wales if she does appear.
  • Morning all: Nothing happening here apart from ironing and weighing options for the day.
  • Hello! Nothing much here either - I've been gardening in pots and OH is spreading compost while J paints the fence!
  • Hello from here, too!
    It's a lovely day, if cool. I've been occupied with shopping this morning and a visit from youngest family, they have just left.
    ANNETTE, LINDY, your flowers look lovely. The Orange amongst the blossoms is something I will never see, sadly!
    I used to do spring cleaning when I had a coal fire, it was necessary after the winter. Nowadays I try and keep up to date and its a mood thing. If I'm in the mood and I see extra jobs, then I do them.
    AQ and DIANE - it is good to read that your weather is becoming better :-)
    I didn't get as far as the garden today but maybe tomorrow. Weeds are popping up.
  • A quiet day on here again, then! - Weeds growing madly here, too, Heather. We have had some sunshine again, and its warm when you are in it, but cold out of the sun.

    My OH has just gone off to the allotment and is going to plant some hollyhock seeds for me, in a tray. I've been feeling under the weather with a head full of something - can't decide whether its a cold coming on or just early hay fever. Have had another zz since lunch, so that should do me good, and tonights meal is just a pie from M&S, easy.
  • I've been looking at my photos from our holiday. I'm aware that I was not up to date with my pictures from last year! I didn't finish doing the cruise photos, and I also missed out our trip to Dyfi, I think. Life gets in the way, sometimes....

    Anyway, I think I will put up our latest holiday first before worrying about the older ones, (partly because I did not take many this time) so here to get started is a flower which was on a cactus on our terrace in Fuerteventura:

    It was not the only one, the plant was abundant:

  • Drat, that one's come out sideways. Never mind.
  • Lindybird: Allergies a big deal here this spring so perhaps your head may be full of UK pollen. Love the cactus flower...

    Apropos of not much, I seem to recall that some folks on here have family members with Parkinsons. Was speaking to a lady at the car wash the other day (where I get all my medical info!) and her husband has had deep-brain stimulation and has now been able to reduce meds for the condition to the minimum.

    Very windy and distressingly warm after our lovely cool winter. At this rate, May Gray will be welcome (by me anyway).