Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 7 April 2019

  • Diane: Lovely birds those white pelicans - we have masses of brown ones. That mountain lion wasn't caught from what I've heard, though the Fish&Game and sheriff's spotted it. Typically, they'd use tranquilizers guns to catch them, then take them into the back country for release.

    Lindybird: Pretty crocus - very English spring-y.

    Heather: Oh crikey - everything plus the kitchen sink in your neighbor's garden. Maybe you should ask what she's planning to plant and tell her what a brilliant idea it is! Good luck!

    Another day of cleaning and laundry, though I did take an hour out for yoga. I bumped into our wonderful former teacher the other week and she's started hosting tiny groups in her home studio and she invited me to join. :-)

    Have a good Monday everyone.

  • Good Morning. Dry and bright here, again.

    Annette, that would be great for you, if you could go to your former teacher - hope it comes off! As Diane says, don't do too much cleaning all at once.

    Heather, that's a shame about the fence. As your stepson says, at least it's only decorative, really. You won't need to keep mountain lions out! LOL!

    I'm going to work my way through a To Do List of things which have been waiting for attention lately. But I hope to take out a few coffee breaks,looking out of the window at our beautiful spring day.

    ps    Its not looking good at LG, with EJ long overdue. Wonder if the ospreys were delayed by bad weather on their journey this  year?

  • Good morning – on Monday.  Sorry I didn’t manage yesterday – lots of little jobs and talk about other plans.

    DIANE – thanks for the new week.  Pleased to see you havesome warmer weather and green grass!

    AQ – good that it is becoming cooler, but I imagine you are all gasping for rain!

    ANNETTE – in what order do you normally clean the house?  I always used to start at the top and work down, finishing at the back door.  Here, in the bungalow, we start the cleaner off with bedrooms and bathrooms while OH washes up and tidies the kitchen, then he makes coffee while she works through to the back – so essentially the same pattern.  We really are creatures of habit!  Love the garden photos – especially the orange blossom which I could almost smell!  Good that you can met with your former yoga teacher – enjoy!

    LINDA – glad you had a quiet day Sunday, and obviously a very sunny day when you snapped the Crocuses.  Glad you got some Sweet Pea plants – hope they do well this year.  I doubt we shall see EJ again - I know she could be late because of weather, but plenty of others have been arriving on time.

    HEATHER – sorry about fence panel and the view of next door’s scruffy garden.  I am sure the Sons-in-law will sort out the fence between them!

    I would love to be tackling the To Do List, but have to see the dentist this afternoon – only a check-up, but I do so hate it.

  • OG: Well I do the housework in pretty much the same order: Start with the two large bedrooms and the two bathrooms. This time round it included window shades, ceiling fans (which collect masses of dust on the leading edge of the blades), skirting boards and hands-and-knees-time around the back of the toilets with all those hard-to-reach places. Then it's the hallway, which isn't much but has faux-wood floors and a very long runner carpet that is a royal pain in the tush because - even with allegedly anti-slip pieces under it - still works its way to the right hand side. I spotted a different kind of anti-slip stuff at a local store and am going to buy some of that today and see if it holds the rug in place. Frankly, I'd get rid of the rug, but OH isn't mad about hard floors. His office is off the hall and I cringe every time I go in there because it's so cluttered and he's so messy it's almost impossible to clean properly and he hates me to move his papers. Then it's the living room, the kitchen and by the time I get to "my" room at the back, I'm pooped, so I'm thinking of reversing the order. Oh, and then the third bedroom, which is rarely used. Aren't you glad you asked! :-)

    Gosh, we do live exciting lives don't we.....?

    LINDYBIRD: Hadn't realized EJ hadn't shown up yet. Perhaps a new chapter ahead for LG, then...

  • Dentist was fine, apart from in and out of car and his chair and that practical stuff - teeth need nothing - next appt in October. Sat in garden for hot chocolate when we came home, enjoying sunshine, warm breeze, tinkling fountain, birds flying about (think I even saw a couple of House Martins) - oh, and a Chinook flying past! So pleased I identified it by the sound!
  • OG: A Chinook? Is that a UK bird, or was it a Chinook helicopter? If you mean the helicopter, why would one of those big military helicopters be flying over your area? Your afternoon sounds lovely. Glad your appointment went well. 

  • Yes, DIANE, the big helicopter. Bi-annual International Operation Joint Warrior (NATO I think) is taking place and they make some flights between South-West and North-East Scotland. But we do get quite a few flights from East Feuch (I think) in Galloway at other times.
  • Glad you "got away" with needing nothing doing at the dentists, OG! Bet you felt good, sitting in the garden afterwards.

    I'm impressed with some of you having a plan for spring cleaning. I'm afraid that I just do rooms randomly, and tend to tackle things when they look as if they're in need of attention....

    This house is definitely more shabby and muddled than when we had a bigger, family home. In spite of four of us, and a dog, in those days, we did manage to redecorate and tidy it up. Now, we're lazier about it. However, we do have plans to redo the dining room this year.
  • We have a lovely amaryllis which has opened almost fully now, in the warmth. I took some photos this afternoon.

  • ANNETTE – I am exhausted just reading your cleaning plan! I’m with LINDA, preferring the random attack. Usually long after it should be. No time to clean today. The ironing pile has multiplied and I have decided to make soup, the last batch having been polished off. I was moaning that, although I had at last found bacon bones (too early for most shops yet), I only had potatoes and not enough veg to make my usual mixed brew. OH suggested potato & bacon soup. So be it. Blissfully cool again. We changed our clocks from daylight saving last Sunday and now my internal clock is confused. OH has been up since 3.30 am. He’ll fall asleep in his chair later.

    Love the crocus & amaryllis.