LOCH ARKAIG (c)The Woodland Trust - 04 April 2019...

  • That last fish was huge!  Where did she put it, or did she, like Louis, drop it when harried by those darned crows, I wonder!  What a good boy he's been today.  Wasn't that the third fish of the day?

    17.00 It looks as tho it's raining now.  Aila is incubating.  And she gives a gentle call!!!

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    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018

  • SCYLLA slightly mis-reported:

    Louis's not getting up, Aila doesn't mind.

    I did a video for YouTubers with snaps of the 3 fish (yes, SHEILA, innit good?!) and then Aila's too-mild attempts to get Louis to move ;)