LOCH ARKAIG (c)The Woodland Trust - 04 April 2019...

  • I think this is Aila crouched (as in, not quite sitting) in the nestcup for quite some time.  I'll do a check thru the whole day, but the cam is on constant buffer so I hope it hasn't been like that for too long :(

    EDIT 13:07 - It was Louis, as Aila just flew in and he mantled and has now flown - maybe he intended to mate but was carried off by the wind?  Now back for mating

    The activity may have fixed the buffering, too :)))

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  • Geez. It's the windy-est nest I watch!
    Not sure who this is, but it's always nice to snap an osp.

    (c) WT Arkaig

  • Today so far...

    Louis touched down @ 05:52, stayed less than 3 minutes, flew off not in the direction of "his" tree.

    No-one until 06:17, when Louis returned for a couple of minutes only.

    07:28 Louis arrived with half a fish, closely followed by Aila with her own fish !!!

    It turned out that an intruder was around, just seen flying over.

    Louis flew off with his fish: