• THIS IS THE APRIL THREAD FOR MANTON BAY EVERY ONE !!!!!!!!!!! Please could we use it ?
  •  Patily, I hope you re post your pic here, please. Empty nest at 06.29

  • Finally, someone on the nest  Maya

  • Good Morning CIRRUS I didn't even notice about being on the wrong thread I just carried on from what people had posted yesterday
    Wonder if anyone knows how to bring all the posts over?
  • They will all follow now, Patily. Hopefullly.
  • CIRRUS said:

    They will all follow now, Patily. Hopefullly.

    I've done the finisher for March, so your hope should be fulfilled, Cirrus :-*


  • Good Morning  ..  

    Because of trying to navigate this site now I have threads bookmarked and posted in March not noticing or remembering ... I know !!!

    But CIRRUS - when starting a new thread could you please close off the old thread off first.     Thank you SCYLLA for doing this now.

    Also CIRRUS - thank you for your effort.

    CIRRUS - as we now will see your opening post  each time we use RF, could you please add the copyright notice under your capture!!!   MIKE kindly added this for us to the Useful links Section making it easy for us to copy when we added captures.     Plus it is a requirement that we acknowledge captures from webcams.      

    Here is a copy you may copy and paste should you not have one.

    © Leicestershire & Rutland Wildlife Trust

    Thanks in advance.

  • Well, I don't know what happened to the sentence I wrote Karen but I don't know how to close off a thread the way Scylla or you do, I simply posted. This thread is now closed. So sorry. I did post a pic at the top of the new thread I created showing an empty nest at some silly o'clock when I couldn't sleep and saying. ''Nobody slept in the nest' or some such . Don't know what happened to that either.

    I'd rather delete the stupid post. Sorry again
  • Cirrus. Your picture and note are at the top of this page for me

    EDIT. Well they were just now!

    Birdies LG DU update.