Loch of the Lowes 24-31 March 2019

Well, I thought I'd start a new thread now both birds are back. I can't remember if we do a daily or a weekly thread for LotL?

LF15 (aka Lassie) arrived back on the nest at 5.50pm on Saturday 23rd March, after LM12 (aka Laddie) had been skydancing for an hour or so. He delivered a bit of fish but there was no nookie observed. This will no doubt happen once the bond is truly resealed and Sunday 24th March may be a busy day.  As at 4.10am, she is still on the nest, asleep, in the droopy, head down position, like she's got a headache. Tired after her journey but no doubt happy to be home.

SWT have yet to confirm it's her but it's looking very likely.