WEEKLY CHAT (non osprey) SUNDAY, MARCH 9, 2019


  • Ummm...... not sure what I did there, but Happy New Week anyway.
  • Annette: Thanks for starting the new week. I couldn't start it on time because my Internet was out. My area had wicked bad thunderstorms with high winds, and it knocked out my broadband. It has just now been restored. I'm lucky; my neighbors are without power. We're under a high wind advisory through tomorrow.

    (I have an old cell phone. I can access the Internet on it in an emergency, but it would be very difficult to get to this site and start a new thread on it.)

    I hope you enjoyed your week with your daughter. 

    Thanks, again.

  • DIANE Ugh. Do hope you don't lose power - and that all those trees around your house are okay in the wind. Take care
  • ANNETTE - Thank you for starting us off, between naps and paragraphs I presume?

    DIANE – I hope you have no more power problems.

    Weather here is lovely, cool days, even cooler nights. Now where is that list of Things To Be Done when the hot weather fades. OH yes, it is Sunday, a day of rest is it not?

    We attended eldest g-dau’s farewell yesterday. She is off to a new job in child care in Canberra. Sharing a house with a friend, only 10 mins walk from work. She may find freezy Canberra a shock; winter (July) max can be a mere 6 C.

  • AQ: I'm sorry that your granddaughter will be living further away from you. It's hard emotionally when kin move away.

    Why is Canberra colder than Adelaide? Aren't they about the same latitude? Is the Great Australian Bight more tropical waters than the Tasman Sea? I'm learning about Australia. :-)))
  • DIANE – “Why is Canberra colder than Adelaide?” First answer: Because it is! I’d never thought about it!!! Second answer: Canberra is 577 metres (1893 ft) above sea level, high for Aussieland. Also, compared to other capitals, it is far from sea 100 km (62 miles), so no moderating effect by ocean. Also they say it has winds that cut through you. Winters are cold but summers can be very hot (over 40 C). Adelaide weather: cold fronts in winter from the west, hot north winds from the Red Centre in summer. I have only visited Canberra once, 1972. Hm, it is probably vastly different now. You say you are learning, well, so am I. <grin> This descript of Great Aust Bight. Latest threat is from oil companies who want to drill there.

  • Thanks, ANNETTE, for the new week. Our weather is just plain yukk! Windy, cold (but not freezing), drizzling, dark and boring! Don't think I shall go to church with OH - again - just don't want to get wet and cold - haven't been out for ten days - fed up. Shan't try M&S shopping Monday as we don't know what time dishwasher repair person will come - wonder what weather will be doing when we try Tuesday?

    Sorry I have nothing interesting to say!
  • AQ: Thanks! I would dearly love to see the Great Australian Bight. It must be one of the most beautiful places in the world. I read that entire article about the vast diversity of wildlife. I'd love to take a boat and travel around it, seeing all the sights. It did say, though, that the Bight has the tallest waves in the world! I read the second article, too. I understand why the rural folks would want the economic development to revitalize their region, but I hope the fossil fuel industry won't ruin that fragile ecosystem and all its beauty and biodiversity.

    I figured that Canberra was colder because that's the way the water from Antarctica flowed. But then I Googled and saw that you are actually quite far from the Antarctic.

    Sorry I made you do research. I was one of those little kids who always asked questions. Why this...and why that? My Mom would grow weary of it and start replying, "Because I said so!" LOL!!!

  • Lurker alert......
    Snow here and has settled on the lawn and as both dogs are not fans of said stuff they are having a snoring competition...
    Heather as was going to mention the Flanders and Swann song....oh there again I have...
    Not much happening here apart from trying to sort out fridges and freezer for OH as I am off down south for 10 days early hours of Thursday morning...