Guess when EJ will return to Loch Garten 2019

After Tiger indicated to us last year that he was bowing out, after all his years of setting up, following and updating our guessing game (Thank's so much Tiger), I have decided to start a thread. I use my ipad almost all the time, so do not have acess to word, files, documents, so will not be setting up tables and showing who's guess is on each date. I have a notepad on the ipad, so I will record each guess in date order and hopefully, copy and paste it near to the end of our guessing, before the lady herself returns.

As some Osprey's have already been sighted and EJ's earliest return was the 21st March, only 18 days away and fingers crossed she will return to us again, here we go!

What day and date will EJ return.

What time will EJ return.

Will EJ be carrying a fish or not.

Do you want to play this year (it is only for a bit of fun). Tiger, hope this is okay.

Closing date: Sunday 17th March @ Midnight.  - Good luck everyone.


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