Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 24 February 2019


I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe week. 

Here are some links to pictures of the Indiana winter. You can look at them if you want to. 

My region has had so much snow, rain, and ice that the long Wabash River has been flooding in many areas. It flowed into Prophetstown State Park, near Lafayette, Indiana, up on the prairie where I grew up. The flood waters turned to ice, trapping the fish, and groups of juvenile Bald Eagles have been gathering on the prairie ice to peck out the frozen fish for their meals. PHOTO HERE

Ice is building up in the canyon at Bear Hollow in Turkey Run State Park, which is just down the road from me. PHOTO HERE

The polar vortex winter has been piling up the shelf ice on Lake Michigan north of me. PHOTO HERE The structure is a light house. 

An extremely rare (endangered) Whooping Crane has been spending the winter socializing with a flock of Sandhill Cranes, a couple of counties south of me. PHOTO HERE

Take care, all. 

  • Wow DIANE. Wonderful pics of ice. Thank you. Just what I need as here we are at the start of another heatwave. The media are gleefully predicting a run of 37’s, up to 40 C next weekend.

    During a recent visit to North Parklands near River Torrens, I saw a flock of Long Billed Corellas busily feasting under the trees, in and out of the dappled sunlight.


    This one displaying its bright chest feathers.

  • Good Morning. Had to sign in again, but at least it's let me in!

    Thanks to Diane for starting us off again. Going back to look at your pics in a minute....

    AQ, like the Corellas. Keep your cool!

    It's very misty here this morning, but supposed to be sunny later. Thanks for all your thoughts for my Friend: things don't look good for her, sadly.
  • Interesting pics, DIANE -- thanks for posting them. I love frozen waterfalls!
  • Good morning - another bright start to the day. Thanks, DIANE, for the new week - and for sharing all the pictures!

    AQ - sorry the heat has returned - hope you can keep cool - and no weeding!

    LINDA - slight mist has cleared here, although forecast just now insisted we still have it! I gather it is really foggy down south! Enjoy the family lunch.

    BJANE - sorry about that awful fall - it sounds really bad, and I hope you got checked over! I hope there will be no lasting effects, and do be especially careful while you still have ice.

    Have a good day, everyone.  OG.

  • bjane: I am so very, very sorry about your fall. Conditions sound dire there. I was thinking about you just yesterday. I hope you won't have any lasting effects from your injuries, especially your knee. Take care and stay indoors as much as possible until spring! Sending you healing energy!

  • Morning all: Heading home today; will catch up later.
  • Bumping up. It's hot.
  • Hope that means you've reached home safely, Annette.

    Sun is coming out, here, this morning.

    Yesterday, we arrived at sis in laws at mid day, and we all (8 of us) sat in the garden for a pre dinner drink in the February sunshine before retiring to the house for a roasted lamb lunch. Much jollity and comparisons of funny tales about grandchildren, as we all have them. (Both grandchildren, and funny tales!) Later, much later, after a delish meal and two puddings, we tried to return to the garden but after half an hour had to give up as even with coats on it was chilly. A good time to compare our health notes and enquire about one another's families, plus stories of our holidays as we have all travelled in the last twelve months.

    In the evening, just had a small cheese sandwich......