Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 17 February 2019

The full supermoon is on Tuesday, the 19th. (It's on Wednesday, the 20th, in Adelaide, AQ.)

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!
Roll on, Spring!!!!!!!!!
  • Thank you DIANE, especially for adding our fair city to the list. But my cry is "Roll on Autumn"!!!!!!

    Currently it is 25 C and (mid morn) it does not feel as if it will reach the predicted 35. I'm not complaining; I may get more weeding done.

  • Evening all and another big Thank You to Diane. :-)

    AQ: Hope you got the weeds sorted. I sat in the garden this afternoon in a gale and cut back some Salvia, but the sun was out! Showers tomorrow and then a reasonably settled but cool week ahead for us.

    Have a good Sunday all.

  • ANNETTE - Weeding did not progress. I diverted to pruning the oregano which had gone crazy. It was so full of dust, pollen & allergens that I started itching. I came in, had a shower, then a wheezing attack. I'm OK now. Anyway it became too hot in garden. Yeay, tomorrow & rest of week mid-20s.

  • Well, we can only assume that Lindybird and Heather are busy with little people. :-))

    AQ: That happens to me, especially around lavender bushes. Currently, we're awaiting a day of showers.The sky is dazzlingly blue and clear but I've just looked at the Wundermap and see a dark green blot heading our way....

    Am still getting Page Not Found when I click on Rich Formatting so will resort to all caps from now on.
  • Hello: Have had a busy day and it's not over yet! Went to the park this morning with our Eldest and Amber. She ran from swing to slide, then back again. Even had a go on the zip wire! Finished off with an ice cream big as her head, complete with a chocolate stick in it, which she demolished with gusto. Watched a Muppets movie on DVD.

    This afternoon, has done painting, walking in the field with Bonnie, and playing with toys. Now doing her 'homework' recognising short words on cards - not bad for 4 and a half. Reckon she'll sleep tonight OK after her busy time. Me too!!
  • Hi all, thank you Diane for starting us off again.

    Lindybird - looks like you've had a hectic weekend but very enjoyable one.

    AQ - at least it's a little cooler for you.

    Annette - Oh dear, do be careful re pollen etc if you suffer. Hope all is OK now.

    Not a lot doing this week except off on Wed to a local town to have an eye test and maybe new glasses. Not been for 3 years so we'll see. Don't go every 2 years but always leave it that extra one before going again.

    Have a good week all.


    RSPB Giving Nature a Home



  • Tried this a few minutes ago: "Good morning, all. Since people are saying things are slowly improving on here, I decided to try my own sign-in this morning! Typing okay, but will it post?"

    Answer was "no".

    Rain in early hours, brilliant sunshine now. Not gone out with OH to M&S - J is in bed with a migraine. Very pleased with all OH accomplished in garden over the weekend - and it was great for me to be able to actually sit outside! Plenty more to do, of course. "Fix It Guy" hasn't returned with his quotes. Hoping to engage him for the outdoor work, but his time-keeping is too unreliable to think of having him indoors!
  • Hello all -
    Weather reasonable here today, about 7 degrees and some sun, now and then.

    Arrangements for travel to the Christening are a bit uncertain at present, OG. Thank you very much for the invitation, though! I'm not sure if I feel like doing two long drives within a couple of days and may well fly down independently.
    It looks as if Lucy and co will drive down through the night on Friday and will have to leave again just a couple of hours after the Christening on Sunday.
    Is Mr Fix it someone who has previously worked for you?

    LINDY - you are having fun!! Expect to be tired, very tired, by Thursday.....

    LYNETTE - Ditto. I don't go to the optician when they ask me - I go when I want to and it is often more than two years after last appointment.

    AQ - Glad that you are getting some respite from those incredible high temps. I love lilies but they make me sneeze etc.

    Danish friends are having a fantastic holiday, by all accounts. They are on the last day of the cruise section of their trip and will disembark at Valparaiso tomorrow. After a couple of days there they will fly to Rio for a few days and then back to Denmark via London. I received an email from them a couple of days ago, they had been ashore and were 'back in heaven, surrounded by mountains, lying on the sun deck and enjoying a cold drink'.
  • Heather - no, haven't used him before. So difficult finding people to do jobs! Rain arrived here at lunchtime, but stopped now so OH doing a few little garden jobs - mostly moving some pots around again.
  • Sorry that J has a migraine, OG :-(

    Another busy day! Ambers mummy rang on-screen, and asked how things were: "Bonnie bit me!" she announced..... (Bonnie had just caught her hand with her teeth as she waved Bonnies toys around, having been warned to be careful) No mention to Mummy of the walk to our local park this morning, with fun on the swings, followed by a trip to the shops and having eaten a massive croissant in the coffee shop. No mention of the car race track laid out in the conservatory, or the exciting visit to Aunties this afternoon (my sis-in-law) where we played dominoes and ate a big piece of jam sponge cake.....

    Now she is flaked out and I'm enjoying my sit down whilst our Eldest and OH watch the football on tv.