Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 10 February 2019

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    OG here again. A pleasant little outing to garden centre - knees were reasonably well-behaved - well, I didn't actually scream getting into the car this time! Bought cheeses in the food hall, bits and bobs in the craft shop and a replacement "mini-greenhouse" in the garden section. We shared a very large "Gardener's Omelette" for lunch - with sweet potato chips. Our "Home Angel" cleaner is not available again tomorrow, but they are sending the same two we had last week - who were actually better cleaners! They come later than our regular, but should be no problem getting our lunch ready in time to get to afternoon blood tests.
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    ANNETTE - Kangaroo Island is 70 miles from Adelaide, but 8 miles from Fleurieu Peninsula. SeaLink ferry from Cape Jervis to Penneshaw takes 45 mins. Kangas on KI? Yes, and wallabies and koalas and . . . see here or here! No, I have not visited KI. For self travel only access is plane or said ferry, then there is cost to ferry car over or to hire a car on island. Unlikely to be one of our bus trips as it is too expensive.

    OG - I had visions of your knees going on an outing without you!

    LINDA - Thinking of you and G. {{{HUGS}}}

    Nanny duty was fairly easy. MissL had been pestering her mother that I would remember it was her turn to help with dishes. (I had.)  I read 5 books to twins, Miss7 read one school reader to me. Mostly twins played together letting me get on with emptying dishwasher, folding & putting away washing and having a quiet sit-down. Nevertheless I went to bed early.

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    Hallo All. I see the Mars Rover has finally given up the ghost, having lived and worked waaaaay beyond it's original lifespan.  

    OG: I have visions of you doing an unintended "knees up" at the garden center. Bravo for not screaming while accessing the car.  I like the sound of Home Angels...

    AQ:  Lovely info - other than the stupid twits who ate all those lovely tame kangaroos.  Interesting how some of those islands have unique flora and fauna.  Had to Google echidnas though; that second link had a Gallery but no IDs on the less obvious critters.  Too bad nobody on the island offers ferry pick ups and drives around.   I imagine someone must, what with cruise ships visiting. Still, probably not a cheap outing given the various on and off bits.

    Looks like our heaviest rain will be overnight tonight with windy times too.  

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    Well it looks like you all have been busy with one thing or another..

    OG glad to hear gardening jobs are being done for you now and that you enjoyed your time at the garden centre.

    Heather - glad to hear you are getting new paving.

    AQ - see that nanny duties went well. It looks like there has been some really changeable weather around Aussie lately, indeed probably all around the world. Two interesting links, see that the island looks fairly large.

    Annette - see you're having to cope with stormy weather.

    Down here, not too bad lately - frosty, or damp first thing and then bright sunshine followed by clouding over in the afternoon, nothing too much to worry about at present.


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    Annette in SoCal said:

    Hallo All. I see the Mars Rover has finally given up the ghost, having lived and worked waaaaay beyond it's original lifespan.  

    Annette: Here's a CARTOON for you.  I hope you stay safe in the storms!

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    Diane: Oh dear.  Poor Mars Rover.   All alone up there...  

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    Good Morning.  Poor little Mars Rover!  - love the cartoon, Diane!  On our Breakfast TV, they were saying that maybe as its Valentine's Day, the Rover has found a mate under cover of all that dust and has said "Let's run away together under cover of this dust, they'll never find us!"

    I went to see G yesterday and tried to cheer her up:  I bought a selection of 3 Valentine's cards for her to choose from, to give her OH, as she can't go shopping. They have had more support this week from the District Nurse and the MacMillans nurse team; we think its since she saw a Doctor last week who must have thought they need more help. G's sister arrives today with a car full of cartons of home made soup for them to put in the freezer. Thank you all for your thoughts for my Friend.

    Good to hear that you've managed to get out and about, OG.  Nice to be able to start thinking about the garden again.  Our garden is bursting into life now, we have some camellias blooming in the front driveway but the poor things are drooping this morning as we had a light frost last night. I keep looking out of the kitchen window hoping to catch sight of the Greenfinch again, but have not seen her since the other day.

    I'm busy as we are expecting our Eldest to arrive on Saturday with our granddaughter Amber:  she is on half term and so he will be going to work locally here where they have offices, next week, leaving Amber in our care for the day each day. I've drawn up a list of possible activities!

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    The Mars Rover cartoon made me cry - think it reminded me of the initial space dogs too!

    LINDA - so sorry about G - must be difficult for all her family and friends. Kind of you to help with a card for her OH if she is into that kind of thing. What a lovely arrangement for your son's childcare - being able to work local to you and giving you time with Amber! I am sure you will have a lovely week, looking at the world through the eyes of a four (?) year old!

    Our cleaner is off again today (a funeral) so we have the same two as last week coming for a single hour a bit later. Then blood tests this afternoon - still fortnightly from the increased medication. A very mundane day, really, but at least some sunshine promised!
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    LINDY- hope that G picked a lovely card for Valentine's Day, it was kind of you to think about that. My OH wasn't sentimental in any way and I only received one Valentine's card ( which, as a jokey thing, I displayed every Feb 14!) However, his very last words to me were 'I love you'. I can't say just how much that meant, from a man who never ever put his feelings into words....
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    Heather: I can imagine how much those words meant after all those years.... Hugs to you.   My OH zoomed out yesterday on a mysterious errand and arrived home with a lovely bunch of flowers. I've insisted he not spend the horrendous amounts they charge for red roses and the giant carbon footprint the leave en route to our stores - this was a mostly white bunch but a few of them did sneak in.  We are not lovey-dovey at all - I got him a nice simple card. 

    Lindybird: Rest up for that week with Amber.  Hope the weather is good so you can get out and about....   Ms. D has discovered draughts (checkers here) and we played that over Christmas when I was in AZ.    Good for you shopping for cards for G.  

    OG:  Hope your knees behave at the doc's this p.m.  

    Gosh:  Last words,  abandoned dogs and Rovers and ailing friends.  Here's to that silver lining - it's gotta be out there somewhere.  :-)