Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 3 February 2019


I hope everyone has a peaceful, safe week. 

Happy Birthday to Annette! 

Rose art labeled "Public Domain," copyright free (click on "License" to verify)

  • Thanks DIANE for a new week. I’m surprised you poked your nose out of your sleeping bag!

    OG - Miri and Parsley - beautiful.

    ANNETTE – Happy birthday. You wrote “When should the temps really start to drop?” About the end of March.

    I didn’t sleep well again last night. Too hot.

  • In reply to aquilareen:

    Not too bad here now, AQ. I'm worried about Annette now. And you. Hope you sleep better tonight. 

  • In reply to aquilareen:

    Oh Diane:  I love my rose - thank you!

    AQ:  Thank you too, and roll on April then.....

    Quite dramatic weather here this morning.  Gale-force winds and sideways rain so thick you couldn't see down the street.  Still, it raced by comparatively quickly with no obvious damage other than a few downed trees and lots of torn off branches.  Fortunately, the storm had already dumped a lot of water on us before it reached Montecito (site of Thomas Fire/mudslide of a year ago) but brought enough mud down the hill to close the main highway until this evening.  More rain due tonight, but not as heavy.  Creeks are running high and gardens are looking very lively.

  • ANNETTE - Please divert that rain here. Adelaide has not had any rain since 16 Dec. Then it was only 1.4 mm. Can they or are they doing anything to stabilise the Montecito slopes?

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNETTE, have a lovely day. Also, thanks to Diane for starting us off again. Annette: that storm must have been scary. At least your garden got a good soaking. Hope things have calmed down, now.

    AQ - You must be counting the days, even though it's quite a while till April.....  horrible to be kept awake by the heat.

    Sunny out of my window here, and it's going to be a little warmer after our frosty spell. The fields are still white with frost but it's predicted to get up to the heady heights of 8 degrees in a few hours, plus much milder this week.

  • (OG here again - still no progress with my own login!)

    ANNETTE - From the way GSon expressed it on Facebook, I gather it was Miri herself who named the snowman!  Sorry I forgot your birthday on Saturday - hope you had a wonderful day!  Sorry about the storm - hope today will not be so bad.  I know you needed rain, but not in those bucket-loads!

    DIANE - thanks for new week.  Dark Moon tomorrow and Chinese Year of the Pig is celebrated 5th-7th Feb.

    AQ - sorry there is not yet any relief from the heat.

    LINDA - warmer start at minus 2 here, but sun has been later breaking through today - just coming through the white cloud now.  OH will go to church - not me.

    The littlest shepherd!

    "Photobooth" at playgroup party.

    Big little brother!  Cyrus.

  • Beautiful pics of the children, OG!  You must be proud of them.

    Sorry you can't get to church, it used to be a part of the pattern of your week.

    We've been to visit sis in law, and took Bonnie, who was ecstatic to see her old friend and caregiver. My OH managed to help with an electrical problem she's had, plus I put a few pieces into the jigsaw on the table!

  • In reply to Lindybird:

    Morning all:  Thanks for b/day wishes (it's today, Sunday, but wishes have been trickling in since Friday with final burst of phone calls from AZ and UK contingents this morning.   We had more rain last night and a quick cloudburst a little while ago, but no complaints here.  Am heading out for a walk.

    AQ:  The fire that destroyed the vegetation behind Montecito was so hot the ground's surface took on a plastic quality.   Things are definitely growing again, but it takes a few years for the roots, etc., to provide any real stability.  The canyons especially still have some debris from the fire and they've been working to clean out the spill basins throughout the storms.   I think someone lost a shed in a small mudslide in this go-round, but all in all the creeks are flowing freely.  They lifted the evacuation orders this morning.  Truly wish I could divert the rain - I know the feeling.  I'll send cooling thoughts instead.

    OG: Parsley sounded like the perfect, inspired choice of such a cutie.  Kids are lovely!

    Hi to all

  • Sorry, ANNETTE, I had your birthday noted as 2nd February!  Hope you are having a good one today!

    LINDA - I am missing going to church regularly - as well as the usual reason for going, I also find it a sort of marker to hang the week on!  But I am not taking any risks on the steps now that I know the ramp will appear soon - prefer to wait and know I am safe!  Pleased your OH could help his Sister with an electrical problem.  Electrician is bringing our replacement water heater for the garage at eight o'clock tomorrow morning!

    Hope everyone has a good week (OG).

  • OG – Gorgeous pics of Little People. I know how you feel, I need Sunday & church to start my week, otherwise the days just blur together.

    I woke 3.40 am, could not get back to sleep, tossed & turned until I rose before 6 am. I went out to get newspaper – it was cold! Well, about 19 C. I’ve opened windows but must watch out to close them before day heats up.