LOCH GARTEN OSPREY GABFEST for Jan, Feb and March, 2019

  • OH HAPPY DAY. This is an event I thought I would never see again - to be chatting with old friends on Gabfest about osprey at the Loch Garten nest. Good evening to Keith and Ann and anyone else who may peek in.
    At about 5 am Scottish time, I was watching the nest for a few minutes. It was just light enough that I could make out that the female was on the egg, but she seemed restless. I bagan to wonder if she had laid 2nd egg. After shifting about some, she stood and looked at the egg. But it was still too dark for me to count the number. After i write this, I will go back to the nest to see what I can see - it will be a bit lighter now. Then it is off to bed for me. (11:30 pm here in Ohio.)