LOCH GARTEN OSPREY GABFEST for Jan, Feb and March, 2019

  • Evening, June.  Thanks for the new thread.  Hope you are well.

    All  good wishes for a Happy and Healthy new Year to you and all posters and lurkers!

    Kind regards, Ann

  • I  am.. Computer  is not.  Hence  short  messages..

  • Hello dear Gabbers, a very Happy New Year from me in Germany, too. I hope you are all well or, if not, get well soon.

  • Thanks Bente, and the same to you and to All who read this thread!

    Kind regards, Ann

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    Hello Everyone.  I would like to wish every one a happy New year! Very belated 

    We had a horrible start to our new year as we had to have our Lovely boy (cat) put to sleep! We are heart broken! He became very I'll suddenly with acute kidney failure. We were so shocked as he seemed well! 

    Looking forward to the new osprey season and not long now before they return! What will be in store! Always feel a little apprehensive about who will return a d who won't.

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    Sorry about your computer problems June! I use my phone now mostly as I grapple a bit with my apple lap top much happier with Windows and android! Less complicated in my view! Not very good with techy stuff and should take the time to learn but just don't bother!

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    Sorry to hear about your cat Willow, am always on knife edge with mine who is now nearly twenty & suffering arthritic problems!


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    Thankyou Wendy. I've heard the other day of a cat living till he was 23! Sounds like your old boy is doing just fine!

    Ours was 15 and we so miss him. We lost our other boy a year ago with heart disease and we still miss him too. Trouble is we get so close to them knowing we will lose them! 

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    Hi Willow, so sorry to hear about your dear cat. I know only too well how you are feeling, we lost our lovely big boy a few years ago, with heart problems, so sudden., he was only 12. We still miss and think about him. We had 4 others that we also lost, 3 who lived to gread old ages, 18 and 19 and the youngest who was only 9 months, she was hit  on the road. You miss them all. We have a wee grey tabby who is 14 past, and is totally ruined. Hope you feel better soon, you have all your lovely memories.

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    So sorry to hear about your cat, Willow.  It is always tough when a much loved pet dies.  It seems as the years go by that I become more and more soppy and am not sure I would be able to face losing another pet so we are pet-less at the moment.  Unless you count the resident Robin who loves our meal worms!

    Kind regards, Ann