Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 23 December 2018

Happy New Week and Happy Full Moon! I hope everyone who celebrates enjoys peaceful, joyful holidays!

  • Diane: Thank you!  I logged on and was surprised to see the new thread, which shows you where I am.

    Harelady:  I've heard the healthcare in France is super.  Here we'd be tossed out after three days too.  :-)

    Lindybird:  We are all on the same page here about Trump, but doubt we'll waste much time on him for a few days.

    The car is all packed and we'll be on the road as soon as OH is compos mentis in the morning (or maybe before). :-)

    I'm taking my laptop and may pop in for a brief moment of normalcy....

    Be safe everyone.

  • I just made the mistake of checking our weather for the next week. Tomorrow will be the coolest at 34 C, then rising to 41 on Thurs & next Sunday. Anyone in a cooler clime have a spare bed for me?

  • In reply to aquilareen:

    Thank you to Diane for starting us off again, with a reminder that Santa will soon be here by moonlight! AQ, those are grim temps. You can come here and sleep in our bath - all the beds here are taken by piles of decorations and presents!

    Thinking of Annette with her travelling once again. Back later!

  • In reply to Lindybird:

    It's Bonnies 4th birthday, today!  -- she is running around with her present, a string of rubber sausages!!

  • Our very best wishes to you all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  • In reply to dibnlib:

    Well, people. I am in a complete and utter flux, I need OG here to organise me!

    I've got granddaughters from Elgin coming for a sleepover. I must put a bolognaise sauce on to simmer. I need to vacuum and dust. I need to clean bathrooms. I haven't wrapped any gifts, yet. I need a kick up the proverbial. I need to get of this computer and DO something!

  • As everyone is now on countdown to Christmas I would like to say I hope everyone has a lovely, peaceful time with family and friends. 

    Many thanks Diane for your beautiful start - I am so glad the RTH is keeping an eye on you. 

    I hope OG is keeping an eye on us all and is feeling much better, love to both her and to EE. 

    Have a safe journey Annette. 

    AQ I do have a spare bed, but with the threat of drones over airports perhaps it's not a good idea!  Keep cool! 

    Happy birthday to Bonnie - I cam remember seeing her as a puppy. 

    Keep calm Heather!  I am sure your grandchildren will love being with you and certainly won't worry about the dust;  gifts can be wrapped when they are in bed! 

    And all the best to you dibnlib.

    Take care one and all at what can be a very fretful time.  Enjoy yourselves.

    Birdie's DU Summaries 2018

  • In reply to SheilaFE:

    AQ:  We have a spare bed, but Trump may stop you from entering given that you came from south of the border (Geography is not his strong point!)

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    LOL, Annette!!     Been busy again:  collected our turkey from the shop (chaotic, but a nice local choir there, singing for charity) went to see if a local lady was OK and ready for the festivities, and then went for drinks at our Friends, where their daughter & OH are now in residence, plus two VERY large dogs.  Decorated our tiny 2nd tree, put up things round the pictures, and now suddenly it all looks much more festive.

    Thanks for your good wishes, Sheila and Dibnlib.  I heard from OG & EE and they are fine, looking forward to a quiet Christmas, just themselves and their son J.  I think that OG does pop in here, now & then, to see if we are all alright.

    Just going to pop a ready made quiche into the oven and have a quiet evening, I hope!

    I must add my sincere wishes for Everyone on here to have the Christmas that they enjoy, and for the best of health and happiness for the coming New Year. Thank you for your company and for your many interesting posts.

  • In reply to Lindybird:

    The promised ditty:

    An Osprey in a Tree!

    I think that I did never see
    An Osprey in a Christmas tree:
    I saw a Partridge, that's for sure
    And three French Hens were on the floor!

    When I rubbed my eyes and looked again,
    There were some Turkeys there, but then
    A gorgeous Red Tailed Hawk appeared,
    Looking for Diane once more
    So my jaw
    Just dropped down to the floor!

    At Christmas time, we hope and wait -
    Our friends say "You've got Ospreyitis, mate!"
    But we see Ospreys everywhere -
    On every tree, on every chair -

    Our by far Bestest present would be
    To know that EJ is still flying free.
    Ready to return here once again:
    To alight in her tree
    As the real Queen of the Glen!