Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 7 October 2018


I hope everyone has a peaceful, happy week.

Immature Bald Eagle
Everglades National Park, Florida
NPS Photo/Rodney Cammauf
Photo labeled Public Domain (Copyright Free)

  • Pat O: I am very sorry about the attack on your daughter. I hope she is recovering and regaining her confidence. 

  • In reply to Diane in Indiana:

    OG: Thank you so much for your last post. I appreciate it. I loved the photos of your stunning sparrowhawk. I hope your new walking frame serves you well.

    Heather: I hope you're enjoying your time with your brother. Family is so important. 

    ForestBoar: I'm glad that you're feeling better. I know that caregiving is demanding.

    Lindy: Welcome home. I hope your cruise was wonderful and you have fond memories, even though there were some glitches. I hope your friend can be comfortable and pain-free. I'm sorry for her and you. 

    AQ: I hope you're having a grand time on your final bus trip of the year! I enjoyed all the photos you posted. 

    bjane: Hope all is well with you. Torrential rains here. The ducks on my creek are quacking loudly.

    Annette: I hope you enjoy your time with your family. 

    All: I won't be posting much for a while. I have a lot to do right now. I must exercise some self-discipline and get to it. Best wishes to everyone. 

  • In reply to Diane in Indiana:

    Hey Diane:  Thank you for starting us off.  Sounds like that freelance project finally arrived.

    Lindybird: That sounds like something Ryanair would pull. Charging you 55 pound each to check in is outrageous!! I wouldn't blame you for never flying with them again  How do they manage to stay in business with all the bad press they get?  Re your friend; hang in there - sounds like her OH will be needing your support.

    Had a very nice lunch with OH's roommate and his wife and good long chat. We're all on the same page politically so there was lots of eye-rolling about the state the country is in.

    Have a good Sunday everyone - and a good week.

  • In reply to Annette in SoCal:

    Good Morning, Everyone. Sunny out of the window, here, which is a treat! 

    Thanks to Diane for starting us off again -  I just adore the Bald Eagle! Glad that you have some work to attack, and please don't feel you have to appear on here to be remembered as we will still be thinking of you in your absence. 

    Yes, we have brought home some truly magical memories of our holiday and one of the best parts was the enjoyment of all the excursions we took: my OH was captivated by Venice which he had only seen at a distance, previously. Crowded with people from all over the globe, we saw it on two sunny days and walked until our legs were tired. We didn't go inside the Cathedral as friends had warned us that to tour that alone could take two hours: indeed, there were queues of half an hour just to get inside. Also, my OH isn't one to enjoy museums etc as much as I do, so we contented ourselves with just looking at all the amazing architecture from the exteriors.

    I've still not had time to read back on here, so must try to do so today.


  • In reply to Lindybird:

    Good morning.  Thanks to DIANE for starting us off - with the lovely pic of young Eagle!

    ANNETTE - pleased the lunch reunion went well.

    LINDA - sorry you Friend's OH has had a tough time without due support - I am sure Macmillan will step up to the mark now they have been made aware of him.  Thinking of you, G and him at the present time.  Looks like the first part of today will be good for drying holiday laundry!

    Must fly - need to get though medication and then get ready for church!

    Ospreys Rule OK, but Goldfinches come a close second!

  • In reply to original goldfinch:

    Have indeed got lots of laundry on the line, in the sun. When I got up this morning I thought it looked strangely white over the fields which we can see from our window, but my OH announced that in fact it was a light covering of frost!  Have been interrupted from my laundry by a visit from my OHs cousin, who came to see how we are, plus to tell us how he had got on with Awful Cousin, who stayed with him and his wife. They found her "irritating" he said, which was probably being polite!! LOL!!

    I had a few minutes of panic when I thought I'd lost a purse with a credit card in it, but it turned up after a quick search of t he four rooms I have holiday things spread about in!  I keep putting things away, but there still seem to be bits of debris all over the place......  Now that the laundry is drying, I should be ironing it, but I may leave that to go and read the 500 emails I have waiting.


  • In reply to Lindybird:

    Good afternoon all (or whatever time of day it is in your part of the world)

    Thank you for starting the week, Diane. I wish you well with whatever is keeping you busy.

    Lindy,  I don't think I have heard anything good about Ryanair. Like Annette, I do not know how they manage to stay in business.

    I agree, Venice is a wonderful place to walk around, avoiding the more crowded areas. We thought that the signposting was good. We came across a sunlit square, where the local ladies were sitting knitting.

    At least you avoided A Cousin!

    Sorry to hear that your friend is not so good.

    Annette, there is a quote in today's newspaper by a comic writer, saying that a certain person is making people like him redundant.

    Hello to Heather, OG and all.

  • In reply to Rosy:

    Rain did arrive this afternoon, but back lawn was mown first!  Now wet and windy for a couple of days, although weather map suggests we may have it dry for going out tomorrow afternoon and Tuesday evening - that would be really good - in fact, quite remarkable!  Sorted two boxes from the loft before veg prep for dinner; they were labelled "domestic spare parts" - we threw away the spare parts for things we no longer have and reduced two boxes to one!

    Ospreys Rule OK, but Goldfinches come a close second!

  • In reply to original goldfinch:

    OG - I had to smile at the 'domestic spare parts', wondering what was coming!  If only I could reduce my 'stuff' by fifty per cent I would be very happy - well done!

    After an extremely hectic (silly!!!) weekend, I have an early morning meeting sixteen miles away tomorrow.  Who said retirement was restful?  To any who still have that to look forward to - it's NOT!!!

  • In reply to Pat O:

    Pat --- Our retirement is only restful in parts! - the rest of the time, we seem to rush around being headless chickens! So I know what you mean. 

    I was sorry to hear about the nasty attack on your daughter.

    OG -- A couple of years ago, I cleaned out the kitchen cupboards and took out a juicer which was no longer in use. I put it into a wardrobe in the spare bedroom, hoping to come across the instruction book so that I could give it away. It was over two years before I could stand it no longer, and gave it to a charity shop in a nearby town who take electrical items. But it was without the instructions. Of course, it was only about four or five weeks later that I came across the instructions, folded inside some other papers entirely unrelated - bah!

    I've been going through the several hundred emails in my account, not one of them saying Congratulations, you're a Lottery winner.