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    Hello Wendy,

    thank you so much for thinking of Karl's birthday. It was on November 6th and many important people were here for coffeetime: My parents stayed with us for a whole week, so they had lots of time with their little grandson. My father-in-law, of course was here. With my sister-in-law and her husband we had coffee a few days later, because they had to work late-shift that day. The rest of the family gave us a phone-call. Everyone thought of Karl. He is a sweet little lad and has made great progress since he attends the creche. He goes there for 2 -2,5 ours in the morning, so he has contact with other children his age. And he obviously trusts the nursery-school-teacher, because she tells us that he doesn't cry when we leave him there. A few days ago, when I wanted to take him home, he looked up from playing, saw me  and then went on playing without paying any more attention. I'm glad that he feels so comfortable there.

    Have a nice weekend everyone! Kindest regards.

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    My Bente where does the time go, 1 year old already. That was lovely to have all the family around for little Karl's birthday. It is good that he is making little friends and enjoying the crèche. All the best. 

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  • Greetings Everyone.  Hope you are all well and gradually getting used to the new community forum.  I understand they are still discussing some of our requests so there may be a few more changes to come.  I was surprised to have a Gabfest from 2015 appear in my notifications today!  Hope this one comes up next time!

    Kind regards, Ann

  • Good afternoon all.  Hope everyone is ok . Had a bit of a problem signing in on this new site! It's all very different and will take some getting used to!

    Very busy lately visiting family in Devon Christmas present delivering! Have not done any cake baking this year and haven't even got around to buying a Christmas cake! How lazy is that!! Not sure how to post pics specially from apple lap top and neither from my Samson phone! Need to learn! My phone is full of pics!

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    Hello Willow and everyone! I hope everyone is fine. Little Karl has a bronchitis at the moment that he got at the doctor's waiting room when we had to go there because of something different. But after 2 days with medicine, he's already much better. So I, too, didn't have much time for baking. But we've been to my parents', where we had a small celebration because my husband has to work Christmas, and my parents can't come to us until December 31st. So we already exchanged presents and had roast goose. Karl loves roast goose! He pointed to my plate and said "That, that", so I gave him goose meat and potato dumpling. After that he wanted more. In fact he now wants to eat the same things as we do, but he still has only 3 teeth. So feeding him is a little challenge.

    I wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Take care!

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    Good evening every one. Hope you all have a very Happy Christmas and New year. Sorry to hear Karl had a bit of Bronchitus Bente and glad he's getting better. Hope you will enjoy your Christmas. Not all are lucky to have Christmas Day off! I go to work tonight but only for about 2 or 3 hours then off!

    Happy Christmas all x

  • MERRY CHRIISTMAS, EVERYONE. I'm  suffering keyboard problems,  so  message  short.

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    June:  Happy Christmas to you and here's to a happy and healthy 2019.