Osprey Chat Thread for August 2018

Continued from Osprey Chat for July 2018

  • A question for you knowledgeable people. Do Osprey (regularly) cache food in a similar way to Peregrines for example?

    At about 0615 Blue 39 left his roost and went fishing. At 0632 he arrived back with a large fish.

    At 0711 he left the perch with the remains of the fish. 

    He flew off down the reservoir somewhere and then reappeared in the tree he had overnighted in. (I didn't spot him coming back as I had noticed something else). At 0750 he started fishing in front of the hide with 2 unsuccessful dives and then drifted off down the reservoir. At 0758 he was to be seen on the fence in front of the hide picking at the remains that he had flown off with earlier.

    I didn't see him come in as I was distracted by a death duel between a Stoat and an adult Rabbit, which the Rabbit lost.

  • And this is the link to Peter Cairn's video

  • Alan W said:

    What a coincidence, ALAN!  The other day a YouTube follower heads-upped me about the problem with Jaak (male juvie on Kalakotkas2 nest) but what with internet and other tech problems I hadn't checked it out until now.

    I wasn't sure whether to put it on News from Other Nests or here, plumped for here, and here you are with the news already!

    Courtesy of Looduskalender forum.

    It was on the 18th that Jaak was first seen with the ring trapped on his talon.  Much to everyone's relief, he showed up on the nest without the ring on the 26th :)))