Loch Arkaig Ospreys - 2018

Loch Arkaig web cam:  It will be switched back on next month, and should be found here

Here are "All the best bits from the Loch Arkaig Pine Forest osprey camera, Summer 2017, in 2.5 minutes", from the Woodland Trust.

Here is the RSPB Forum for the 2017 Season.

2008       A pair may have started nesting at Loch Arkaig

2013       Chick      White KL(09) f, hatched 2009 Loch Arkaig, Inverness seen in Senegal, 2011 & 2012, 2016 by Rutland team and Chris Wood.                 2013 is the likely first breeding year at Bassenthwaite of White KL(09) and unringed male

2015       No chicks

2016       No chicks

2017       The nesting platform used by the birds for more than ten years has been rebuilt almost from scratch as, with the birds adding new material every spring, it was beginning to sag under its own weight

                Unringed m    10 April named Louis m arrived. Inconclusive whether same 10-yr male, but later concensus was that he was a  first-time breeder

                Unringed f         30 May new unringed female accepted by Louis

                                             4 May 2017 WT named her Aila

                10 May                17.20      Egg #1        Arrives with a grunt from Aila!          

                                              22.39      Owl on the nest. Spooked Aila who flew off.  A slow start but the action is here.

                13 May                19.26      Egg #2    - speckled

                                                              Egg #3                   

                18 June                First chick hatched

                18 June               17.13 Second chick seen struggling out of shell

                22 June                Two chicks alive, just.

                                              One chick survived, and was ringed 22 or 23 July.  Blue JH4(17) m, Lachlan

                                                At 35 days old it has a body mass of 1,305g and wingspan of 291mm.

9 August             Lachlan fledges unexpectedly

 The Loch is home to otters (three orphans were released in the late autumn 2017)  Pine marten have been seen on the nest.  WTE and Osprey breed.  It's about time I tried to get back there!

Where is Loch Arkaig?

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