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    The one thing that screams out at me is genetics. 

    There is a pattern of some birds being spectacularly more successful than others. 3 (97) is obviously a major superstar and always attracted a new mate quickly when a partner failed to return. He did this in 2001, 2003 and again in 2009. 

    Now 8 (97) clearly had not got the same pulling power as he had to wait until 3 (97)  and 05 (00)  made him a mate.

    However 8 (97) has done ok as he got both his chicks back from the 2010 brood and of one of those is the now legendary Glesni at Dyfi.

    01 (99) returned not to Rutland but to Scotland where she teamed up with Orange ZT. She raised a family more than once but I have no idea of any details. 

    05 (00), 08 (01) and SSK all came from the same nest in successive years. All of them went on to become famous ospreys and breed. Now we know that one of 08 (01) offspring is living happily in Africa and will presumably be due back in Britain in the late spring. 

    9 (98) was the serial loser in the love stakes but finally succeeded in raising a family in 2012 before his tragic demise.. it will be interesting if any of his chicks return this year. 

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    Tiger - I have added to my previous post as was talking to the chap just last month who ran Piperdam fishery and took interest in 01-99 from RW.

    I shall take your 8:13 post in fully tonight when I get back to my hotel tonight after work.

    Thanks very much and very interesting discussions.

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    Mike B said:

    I think your final comment is probably the reason for the confusion. AFIK all the Rutland birds came from Scottish nests selected by RD.

    This article tells the story of the Sea Eagles journey by RAF Nimrod from Norway. Also on RD's site there is a tagged bird named Nimrod, whose ariel has snapped,and I believe there was a certain 'rapport' between the parties which facilitated such movements!.

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    Good afternoon all, read this thread with interest, but get confused with whose who but very interesting discussion! The Rutland team leave for The Gambia today! Best wishes to them and hope they see some familiar faces! Look forward to their blogs.

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    Thanks Alan - certainly White UR has had her fair share of sightings - 6th I believe including ringing.

    I think she was last seen at the Dyfi nest in April and again in Gambia in December. Wonder if she headed back up to Aberdeenshire after Dyfi  before migrating to Tanji Marsh.

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    Thanks Alan - shame they didn't spot 5F.

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    Thank you Alan. That is hot off the press as it wasn't posted earlier this afternoon when I checked.

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    Thanks Alan. Another great Blog.

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