Hello Bloggers,

The last week at Loch Garten has certainly been exciting. I think it's safe to say we have had more action over the course of the last 2 weeks compared with the previous 2 months. 
For you who are new to the blog or for you who have been living under a rock these last 3 months, EJ (our old female) has failed to return and useless George (the male) was so heart broken he decided to go off and be useless elsewhere. 

For the last few months osprey action hasn't been coming thick and fast, but on a recommendation we have removed the cameras on the nest as well as the grass growing inside. To our amazement it has seemed to worked. Since the grass and cameras were removed (13/06/19), Ospreys have been seen everyday from our centre. 

We believe we are seeing 2 ospreys at the moment, although it is now harder to make out leg rings, if they have any, and obvious head and chest markings now the nest camera is gone. So it's hard to say exactly how many have visited us over the last week. But there is definitely a minimum of 2. We also don't know if these 2 are a pair, or even if there a different sex. I have certainly seen 2 ospreys having a right go at each other. This lead me to believe that they could possibly be same sexed fighting over the nest, but this is speculation...also I've never really been know to be right according to Fergus. ;) 

Over reports from other members of staff and bloggers have suggested to say that it could possibly be a pair. Last night, a residential volunteer, messaged me to say she had been watching the online camera and had seen an osprey doing a bit of housework, whilst, probably the same osprey (possibly its partner), was seen at 7:45 this morning bring a stick to the nest. 

As I this is all speculation at the moment, but we had things will clear up with in the following weeks. 

Let us know what you think is going on by commenting in the comment section below.


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