Hello Bloggers!


Sorry to confuse you but this is actually John. I’m the new member of the Osprey Team but haven’t got a login yet. I’m settling in well to the job and it’s hard to believe that just over two weeks ago I was sitting behind a desk in London. Everything changes!


It’s great to be part of the team, in what’s a really fun job in a beautiful location. It really is a pleasure to spend my days watching these amazing birds and talking to so many people from all over the world who care so much about birds and wildlife.


We’re still enjoying amazing weather up here. It’s been warm and sunny pretty much every day since I arrived. Apparently it’s not always like this in the Highlands, so I’m making the most of it by exploring the wonderful Abernethy Reserve and surrounding areas.


So as you can probably see from the webcam, EJ and Odin are getting on nicely and enjoying the weather. In stark contrast to the other morning when EJ had a layer of frost on her back, she has been sitting on the nest, panting to cool down. I’m sure she prefers the sunshine.


There’s been plenty of activity on the nest in the past few days. EJ and Odin have had to see off several intruders who got a bit too close to the nest. There have been a couple of other ospreys and even a buzzard sniffing around. At one point yesterday morning, Odin was up in the air for a good few minutes protecting EJ and the eggs. He certainly is a devoted partner and proud father to be...


The other excitement is that a pair of redstarts appear to be building a nest.... under the osprey nest! They have been seen coming and going with nesting material over the past couple of days, so maybe we will have more than three chicks fledging from the nest this year. It’s certainly a safe place for them with our hardy team of volunteers on 24 hour surveillance. Watch this space for further updates.


In other news, Vernon the vole has been keeping the visitors entertained even when the ospreys have been quiet. Along with the red squirrels and the pair of great spotted woodpeckers who regularly visit the feeders, and the otter which can often be seen swimming in Loch Garten, there is always plenty of wildlife activity.


Finally, a big hello to Miss Briggs’ class at East Stanley school in Durham - thank you so much for all of your letters & your drawings, I really enjoyed reading them all.  I hope you are all enjoying watching and reading about EJ and Odin and maybe we’ll see some of you over the summer.


Hello to Miss McIntosh’s Class P4 at Mile End School in Aberdeen!


EDIT - Rothes Update

Rothes is fishing off the west side of II ha de Unhocomozinho, and visiting a small island on the South east side of Il ha de Unhocomozinho.

PS. Hello to Corporal Hay - John tells us you're following from Germany, hope you enjoy our blogs!